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Dad’s Car and Sanskaar by Azeem Banatwalla: Stand-up Review


Dad’s Car and SanskaarComedian: Azeem Banatwalla.
Channel: East India Comedy aka EIC (YouTube).
Language: English.
Release Date: 21st January 2019.

Catch Phrase:

“Guy comes to you, right. When you’re making out, knocks on the window, then says those four words that strike fear into the heart of every 18 years old in this country, which is not ‘You are under arrest.’ That you can deal with. But ‘Baap ko phone laga!’”


  • Azeem Banatwalla is one of the key members of the widely acclaimed comedy group EIC. One of the top comics of India, with world recognition, Azeem’s signature style is his sharp wit.
  • In this latest stand-up, a bit from his performance on Amazon Prime titled Problems, Azeem talks about us Indian kids when we turn 18 and the amount of freedom we feel, resulting into incidents that are hilarious. This particular piece talks about the embarrassing incident of making out in the car and being caught (not a pleasant memory, is it?). Azeem puts his intellectual touch in the stand-up, turning it into a highly relatable and entertaining experience. The very subtle attack on the Indian culture of sanskaar is praiseworthy.
  • Watching Azeem perform is always a bonus. His expression and comic delivery almost always come off as sarcastic and ironic, and it’s fun to watch.


  • Not a thing.

The Final Verdict:

We have all had those embarrassing ‘sweet 18’ moments- here’s Azeem refreshing it with a hilarious touch. A must watch.

Watch The Stand-up Here:
EIC: Dad’s Car and Sanskaar – Azeem Banatwalla Stand-Up

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