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Date Gone Wrong: Web Series Review


Date gone wrong

Cast: Rudraksh Thakur, Kangan Nangia, Vikas Rawat, Shreya Gupto, Ansh Bhagri, Sonal Sharma, Advait Kottary, Priyanka Arya, Kunal Aryan Vaid, Teena Singh, Aditya Lal, Diksha Juneja, Aalekh Kapoor, Natasha Azad, Hrishikesh Patil, Krutika Deo, Harshit Dang, Dhiraj Totlani.

Director: Sharad Das Gupta.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama.
Channel: Eros Now.
Release Date: 19th December, 2018.

Synopsis: ‘Date Gone Wrong’ is an entertaining anthology of hilarious and quirky stories of first dates that went wrong in the most unpredictable, absurd, and surprising manner. These are not just dates that went wrong, these are disasters.


  • The short-format of the web series, with each episode being eight to ten minutes, makes it a great choice for people who want to have a quick and entertaining watch.
  • The writing is absolutely hilarious. Every episode has a different creatively-created scenario, and the well-crafted storylines make it a fantastic series to watch. The storylines have been successfully presented in a compact form, without it being haphazardly rushed or losing its feel.
  • The twists that come in the episodes will make your jaw drop, and you’ll end up laughing over the absurdity of it.
  • The actors are pretty convincing in essaying their roles. Be it awkwardness, eagerness, hesitation, love, desperation, or ‘I-need-to-find-ways-to-escape-this-date’, they’ve done a good job at portraying every feeling that you may feel on a particular date.
  • Despite the absurdness or the silliness of the situations, the show is still realistic and relatable to an extent. Everyone has had their share of bad dates; maybe you’ll find your story in one or two (or more) episodes here.
  • The cinematography is a job well-done, and the background music sets the mood perfectly.


  • There’s nothing wrong with this web series.

Bottom Line:

It is a load of funny in a small duration. The efforts put into this can be clearly seen. Definitely a watch!


  • Actor Rudraksha Thakur was seen in Girliyapa’s PA-Gals in the role of the neighbor, Chirag.
  • Date Gone Wrong is one of the two web series to be released under Eros Now’s Quickie category, the other being Paisa Fek Tamasha Dekh.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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