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Democracy: Short Film Review


Democracy: Short Film Review

Cast: Siddharth Swami, Ritu Dalmia, Azinkya Mishra, Tryambak Shukla.

Director: Aditya Agnihotri.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Satire.

Channel: Humaramovie (YouTube).

Release Date: 22nd August 2019.


It’s the season of holidays, and for us Indians, vacation means going to your relatives place. Here’s one such Indian family- a husband and wife and their two kids- who are at crossroads at deciding where to go for this holiday. The children and the father have one opinion, but the mother has a different one. To appease her, they weigh the pros and cons of going with their choice vs. hers, and by majority, the kids win. But will their win count for anything, or is it all just a hoax?


  • Mocking reality without being derogatory is not a simple task, and Agnihotri’s Democracy perfectly catches the drift by being subtly direct. As the name suggests, the story takes a humorous dig at ‘democracy’, the free will, we ‘think’ we are free to exercise, in a way that makes you laugh at the irony of the situation.
  • The family featured in the short is deciding where to go for vacation, and the votes are in favor of the winning team- the kids and the father- while the mother is on the losing side. But at the end, what she says is what’s carried out, because despite the majority her will is the one that counts- because she has all the power in the household.
  • A metaphorical piece through and through, Democracy becomes sublime by the acting of all the characters. Neither too serious nor too comical, from the children to the parents- they carry out their roles with precision.


  • Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

Democracy portrays the essence of the word in the most ironic way possible. A must watch.


  • Aditya Agnihotri has previously directed the widely acclaimed short film Chhotu.

Watch The Short Film Here: 

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  1. Rudra jadon 29th August 2019

    Its a wonderful film ….. And superbly directed by Aditya


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