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Dhyaan Jaaye Pravachan Na Jaaye: Short Film Review

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Cast: Karan Wahi, Vikas Verma.
Director: Ritesh Bhaskaran.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Satire, comedy.
Release Date: 18th December 2019
Platform: Humaramovie (YouTube).

“In Humaramovie’s latest short film, Dhyaan Jaaye Pravachan Na Jaaye, when Karan Wahi meets Mr. Film in the middle of the night and their casual conversation highlights the existence of not so casual hypocrisy in Cinema. Is it worth the watch? Find out!”

A casual drive at night turns into a movie scene when Karan Wahi’s character bumps into Mr. Flim– the human form of films. Their conversation ends up highlighting the unfortunate but powerful existence of hypocrisy in today’s cinema.



During a stage performance, characters are highlighted on stage through a spotlight for better understanding. In the short film, the dark road is the stage and the street lights are the spotlight highlighting the existing vulnerability and hypocrisy of films, thanks to Censor Board.

Music played an important role to understand the emotions behind every dialogue and specifically the track played at the ending effectively gives a better understanding of the whole concept.

Films altogether have a bizarre approach towards communicating the Dos and Don’ts to society. For example, a violent action movie will come with the statutory warning- We support Non-Violence, or a character smoking will be followed with, “Smoking is injurious to health”. It could be any font size or style, but it diverts your attention from the movie, even for a split second- which is what the whole essence of this short film is.

By turning the film into a human entity, this short film portrays how cinema is strong yet vulnerable, believable yet questionable, capable yet ineffective, empowered yet powerless, modern yet orthodox, and liberated yet controlled.

We have seen a lot of characters on screen, but portraying Films as a character is an interesting and unique concept. The duo of Karana Wahi and Vikas Verma make good efforts to do justice to the concept and also to stay connected to the audience.

Dhyaan Jaaye Pravachan Na Jaaye smartly portrays the difference between real life and reel life.


The execution of the short film could have been more impactful. With an absolutely stunning concept portrayed through the story, it lacked the energy of being visually and conceptually appealing. Somewhere the message gets lost in translation due to weak direction.

Bottom Line:

A great concept fleshed out rather weakly


Dhyaan Jaaye Pravachan Na Jaaye marks Ritesh Bhaskaran’s directorial debut. He was the Assistant Director for the Kalki Koechlin starrer short film, The Job and the Bollywood film, Fuddu.

While this marks Vikas Verma’s debut on digital, Karan Wahi has appeared in various short films- Have You Met You, New Born Mother– and web series- Bar Code, Sacred Games, etc.

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