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Dil Dosti Daftar: Web Series Review


Dil Dosti Daftar

Cast: Kabir Singh, Abhay Mahajan, Manju Sharma, Shilpa Shukla, Anamika Shukla, Shankar Iyer.
Director: Shayak Dady Roy.
Language: Hindi, English.
Genre: Comedy.
Channel: Seagram’s Imperial Blue Superhits Music CDs (YouTube).
Release Date: 4th December 2018.


A peek in the lives of three corporate workers- Dheerendra, Rakesh, and Kabir– and their 9-5 day at the office, highlighting how ‘men will be men’ when it comes to friendship, women, and working their job.


  • The 8-episode, time-saving web series manages to cover a day in the corporate world perfectly, proving that when you have your concept perfected, time doesn’t stand as an obstacle.
  • The first episode, totally dedicated to character introductions, sets up a clear outline for the series. Also, the time shown along with each episode title defines the setting and background for the story nicely. All in all, bonus points for outlining the plot, in a crystal clear manner.
  • Kabir, Abhay, and Manju carry out their roles charmingly, making it an entertaining watch. The supporting characters add ‘chaar Chaand’ to the storyline, blending in with the plot and lead roles amazingly.
  • Imperial Blue’s ‘Men Will Be Men’ campaign, the essence of the whole web series, is portrayed brilliantly, making it relatable and engaging for the audience, with a touch of humor. Their ads have proven to be clever and entertaining; this web series further reinforces their sheer creative brilliance.
  • Do not skip the beginning, the title track is upbeat and something you could listen to on repeat!


  • Apart from the fact that it leaves you wanting more episodes, there is nothing wrong that will stop you watching the series.

Bottom Line:

Short, sweet and funny- Dil Dosti Daftar is a must watch for its time-friendly portrayal of office friendships, love, and drama.


  • Dil Dosti Daftar is the first ever web series on the notoriously famous campaign ‘Men Will Be Men’ by Seagram’s Imperial Blue.
  • Shayak Roy has predominantly directed TVC’s, promos and a few music videos and was also part of MTV’s Fameistan.
  • Kabir Singh, a theatre artist, can be seen in short films such as Eli Was Here, Quiet Signs Of Love, Perspective, among others.
  • Abhay Mahajan has worked in the prominent web series like TVF’s Pitchers and Ultra Shots’ What’s Your Status.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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