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Ek Choti Si Ego: Short Film Review

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MIRAJ MIRACLE (Youtube Channel)

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Cast: Iqbal Khan, Mona Singh.
Director: Nishad Raj Rana.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Drama, Romance.
Release Date: 26th December 2019.
Platform: Miraj Miracle (YouTube)..

“Mona Singh & Iqbal Khan portray the importance of communication, in Miraj Miracle’s latest short film EK Choti Si Ego. Is it worth your while? Find out in this review.”

A chance meeting between two exes, Viraj and Priya, leads to an unspoken conversation over tea that is filled with regrets over their past mistakes and major ‘what ifs’. Despite wanting to be with each other, they realize that despite all the change they have gone through, some things always stay the same.


As it is wisely said, communication plays an important part in maintaining a relationship. Ek Choti Si Ego portrays this message in the most subliminal way. Once husband and wife, when Viraj and Priya have a chance encounter after years, a conversation flows between them, reminiscing about the good ole’ days, with a tinge of regret, and how things have changed- but all of it in their own minds. They realize, in retrospect, how silly their small banters were, and how they could have adjusted if only they talked. Despite the epiphany, they still haven’t improved themselves in the area that matters the most- communicating.

Iqbal and Mona, who play Viraj and Priya respectively, create the chemistry that you expect between two people who have intimately shared their lives with each other at some point. Their desire to reconnect is marred by their once-bruised egos, which overpowers all the things left unsaid between them. Mona and Iqbal both portray the remorse, angst, and desire of their characters with such intensity that you pine for them to resolve everything and just be together.

Nishad, with the help of DOP Sapan Narula, delivers this essence with close-up shots that unflinchingly picks up on every emotion of the characters, and establishes a connection between the audience and them. You are left as disappointed by Viraj and Priya’s hard-headedness as they themselves are.


Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

Ek Choti Si Ego is a much-needed reminder, especially in this age of instant messaging, of how just a simple conversation can change a lot of things. Worth a watch.


Iqbal Khan and Mona Singh have previously worked together in the Television series Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do.

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