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Enaaya: Web Series Review


Cast: Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman, Faryal Mehmood, Asad Siddiqui, Rabab Hashim, Waqar Godhra, Gul-e-Rana, Saifie Hasan, Mareeha Safdar, Shaan Baig.
Director: Wajahat Rauf.
Language: Hindi, Urdu, English.
Genre: Drama.
Channel: Eros Now.
Release Date: 21st January 2019.


Enaaya is a quirky, independent yet responsible girl with passion in music. In a twist of fate, she gets roped in to be a part of a college band, where her life changes for better (or for worse?). Demons from the past haunt her, but will she be able to overcome them and pursue her dream?


  • A story of friendship, love and life- in essence- Enaaya explores the college life and the dreams which are created in that campus, through the eyes of the band- The Rivage and all its members. It’s got crazy girlfriends, parental drama, peer’s rivalry, unbreakable friendships, and love at its core.
  • The storyline maintains a stronghold on the viewers throughout, exploring the subplots thoroughly without distracting from the main plot.
  • All the characters, from the fun yet level-headed Enaaya to psychotic, obsessive diva Faryal or the charming, boy-next-door Jimmy to the arrogant, impolite Asad, every lead as well supporting character has done an outstanding job of establishing their roles firmly.

(P.S. Lookout for the director’s cameo appearance, it’s refreshingly fun and pleasant.)

  • Music is the main theme of the whole series and they’ve made a point to drive it home. The original music, all the songs, are jam-worthy.
  • Along with the background score, the cinematography is commendable as well, creating a perfect vibe for each sequence.
  • Enaaya is a wholesome series with everything you could ever dream of (and much more) seeing in a plot. It is particularly difficult to constrain it to a genre- it has drama, it has romance, it has mystery and it ends up with being a thriller. It’s difficult to cram all of that into a story, without crossing the line and turning it extreme or over-exaggerated. But Wajahat definitely knows what he wants, and it shows.
  • Spoiler alert: Viewers are definitely in for a second season, seeing as how some things were left unfinished in the last episode.


  • Keep your subtitles on; the often heavy use of Urdu can bounce off of your head otherwise, if you’re not familiar with the language. Other than that, nothing stopping you from giving this series a try.

Bottom Link:

A mixture of drama, mystery and thriller, you’re in for a surprise with Eros Now’s latest series, Enaaya.


  • Enaaya is a Pakistani original series by Eros Now, marking its first International series. It is also the first long-form series of Eros in 2019- it has been concentrating on its Quickie segment, releasing The Investigation and Tum Se Na Ho Paayega in the new year.
  • Wajahat Rauf, the director of Enaaya, has also written and co-produced the original.
  • Mehwish Hayat, apart from being an exceptional actor, is also a talented singer. The original song from Enaaya titled Zindagi is indeed sung by Mehwish herself; she has also featured in Coke Studio’s Season 9, in the song Tu Hi Tu, along with Shiraz Uppal.

Watch The First Episode Here:

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