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Face In The Dark, Parchhayee, Episode 10: Review


Face In The Dark, Parchhayee, Episode 10: Review

Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Varin Roopani, Abhishek Maindola.

Director: Suman Mukhopadhyay.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Horror, Mystery.

Channel: ZEE5.

Release Date: 24th May 2019.


Professor Oliver Redford is a ruthless disciplinarian, doling out punishments to the students who waver from his 10 commandments. Kartik is one such student, who gets into Oliver’s radar after he draws a comic of the strict professor. But there is someone who doesn’t want Kartik to go through the merciless teachings of Oliver. Will the faceless boy succeed?


  • Parchhayee’s 10th episode is a bittersweet tale of horror, mystery and drama revolving around a boarding school’s hardnosed professor. It makes you heart quiver in pain and sigh with relief.
  • Face In The Dark takes the viewers back in time to the mystic, scenic hills of North, with the long panoramic shots. After the initial few stories located in hilly regions, Parchhayee’s last couple of episodes had taken a detour from the mountains. Face In The Dark ventures back into the Ruskin-Bond territory of familiarity and warmth of the hills.
  • Face In The Dark is a story that reminds us of the fear we cultivated about boarding schools in our childhood. Kay Kay Menon’s Oliver is the embodiment of the evil professor, who is cold to his bones, and believes in the art of punishments. He is stern and disciplined to a fault, and seems to instill the same in his students. Menon plays him out spectacularly, from beginning till the end, never losing his grip on the character through the entire arc.
  • The portrayal of Jugal as the faceless boy, who is indeed a very important character to the story, is intriguing. In the grand scheme of things, Jugal was just a student, among many others, who was oppressed by Oliver’s way of correction. That makes him ordinary, but the fact that he was oppressed to the breaking point is what makes him important. He is adamant in not letting it happen to any other student- to have a fate like his. He is the ghost that isn’t ghastly.
  • Face In The Dark is a subtle yet strong hint at the way a disciplinarian’s mind works. Today, corporal punishment to bring a kid to the heel. Like Oliver, they carried on with the harsh treatment, reasoning it as kids in school is banned by the government, but in the old times, schools and parents believed in the method preparing them for the real world. Parchhayee’s 10th episode works as a reminder of the unfairness of the way.
  • The heart wrenching opening scene of the story, accompanied by the ominous background music, draws you right in to the story.


  • Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

Parchhayee’s episode 10, Face In The Dark, is a horrific and sweet tale of discipline and redemption. Worth a watch.


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