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Four More Shots Please!: Web Series Review


four more shots please! Web Series ReviewCast: Sayani Gupta, Kirti Kulhari, Bani J, Maanvi Gagroo, Neil Bhoopalam, Prateik Babbar, Lisa Ray, Milind Soman, Amrita Puri, Simone Singh.
Director: Anu Menon.
Language: Hindi, English.
Genre: Drama.
Channel: Amazon Prime.
Release Date: 25th January 2019.


Four More Shots Please! focuses on the sumptuous, rich life of four SoBo (South Bombay) girls- Damini, Umang, Anjana, and Siddhi– trying to overcome a plethora of personal problems with their friendship, one shot at a time.


  • The plot is women empowerment in essence- covering lesbian/LGBTQ relations, independent single mother, domineering women- it’s got everything. Kind of makes you go ‘You go girl!’
  • The series maintains the balance of fun and light vs serious and introspective- keeping the viewers entertained as well as engaged; not crossing the line into extremities and boring.
  • It covers issues that have been taboo in our society, until very recently. From patriarchy to body-shaming, the wide arena of issues is explored in a fierce manner, making the viewers take immediate notice.
  • The episode titles explained with voiceovers by the character who is the center of that particular episode is unique and refreshing, portraying the perspective creators want to show.
  • The four leading ladies have done an amazing job of carrying out their characters through the arch- Damini who is a strong, successful women, always pining for perfection; Umang, the bold, tough lady who craves love; Anjana trying to move over her ex and Siddhi, a girl trying to prove her worth to her unbearably strict and obsessive mother- they are chirpy, carefree girls in their go-to Truck Bar, battling with own demons in their own time. Their friendship is what makes it all easy to bear, and it’s a testament of how things go way down south when they have a fight.
  • The rich and sleek vibe of the series is matched perfectly with the cinematography and background score, making it a wholesome affair.


  • The abundance of glamour and glitz make the show seem other-worldly and superficial, especially when you try to merge it with the lifestyle of Mumbai, which is where the story is based.
  • The supporting characters (and there is an ensemble cast, making you go ‘Hey it’s her/him!’ often) come off as half-baked and there just for the sake of it, neither being too prominent or too invisible.
  • The whole 10 episodes are fun and light, albeit with undertones of serious issues, and the drastic turn at the end of it can drag you down at a speed that’s quite an unpleasant surprise.
  • Talking about issues, the show tries to cover almost everything- the ladies fed up with a condescending patriarchal society, meeting up with the perfect societal standards, shedding light on the unconventional topics- which makes the story fail to establish a strong central plot.

Bottom Line:

The simple, profound camaraderie between the four girls, above and over the drinking, is what makes the show engaging and real and not just a vain entertainment.


  • Four More Shots Please! is not just a women-centric show, the series is an outcome of a whole women crew; directed by Anu Menon, Rangita Pritish Nandy being the co-producer and the showrunner, and Devika Bhagat and Ishita Moitra as writers.
  • Anu Menon has directed a few films for Bollywood, but Four More Shots Please! marks her directorial debut on the web entertainment; she was the screenplay writer for ALTBalaji’s Romil and Jugal.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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