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Friends, Crime, & The Cosmos by Abhishek Upmanyu: Stand-up Review

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Friends, Crime, & The Cosmos

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Comedian: Abhishek Upmanyu.
Director: Akshay Choubey
Language: Hindi.
Release Date: 7th May 2019.
Platform: Abhishek Upmanyu (YouTube)..

““Ab tum apni body leke bahar ghumoge, toh criminal to kaat hi dega na””


Yes, Abhishek Upmanyu has his own YouTube channel, and no, it’s not fake. And as one of the comment on the video said- Petition to change “once in a blue moon” to “when Abhishek uploads”– this new video comes after 10 months from the last video he uploaded on his channel. His live stand-ups are not as infrequent as his online uploads, and this new piece is one of such gem performed at The Habitat Music & Café in Mumbai.

Abhishek brings his keen observations into his comedy. Certain puns make you wonder if they are scripted or it’s just Abhishek being his witty, snarky self.

In this latest video, Abhishek takes a dig at that friend in the group, who is always trying to remind you that this moment you’re living in right now, will be a memory someday. Yeah, we know, and so does Abhishek as he delivers the ‘moment’ with hilarious anecdotes. He then stirs the audience towards the brilliant show that is Crime Patrol. (Scary, now that we think of it, to go from a friend to crime.) Moving on! He portrays his dedication and love towards crime patrol and then the belated realization of how he was wasting his time on a show that showed the police solving every crime. And then how after that he moved on to a documentary on our vastly beautiful Cosmos.

Abhishek’s stand-up is delight to watch because he performs his piece with everything he has got. He occupies the stage and the audiences with his outstanding enacting of jokes with his weird actions and hilarious expressions. You’re hooked right in, laughing from the moment he walks on stage till the end.


Crime Patrol lovers, you better stay away from this video, in order to protect your love for the brilliant show. Others, get ready for 15 minutes of all-ailment-curing laughter.

The Final Verdict:

Abhishek Upmanyu uploaded his latest video on YouTube at 5.36 AM on a weekday. You have got to watch the weird connection he develops between Friends, Crime & the Cosmos; cures your weekday blues right away.

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