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Ghar Ki Murgi: Short Film Review

Ghar Ki Murgi: Short Film Review Poster
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Sony LIV

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Cast: Sakshi Tanwar, Anurag Arora.
Director: Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Drama.
Release Date: 10th March 2020.
Platform: Sony LIV.

“Let’s find out in Sony LIV’s latest short film, Ghar ki Murgi, how many seetees are required to get rid of the pressure?”


Seema, a housewife in a typical middle-class family in Delhi follows a monotonous schedule of waking up early and juggling between responsibilities and relations. In between all this hustle she realizes that she needs a break and what could be better than a relaxing getaway for a month to GOA, far from all the pressure which leads much-needed realization by the family.


Cleverly the title has been kept just “Ghar Ki Murgi” which leaves us completing the phrase with “Dal Barabar” and also gives a hint of the whole situation. It’s an old saying, about how we don’t value what we have. It is surely appropriate to describe Seema’s condition.

All the characters sharing the frame were equally indulged in the story and their fine acting skills made it more convincing and relatable.

The way Sakshi Tanwar portrays the emotions of the character through her body language is surely commendable. Seema’s character is every other woman who loves her family unconditionally without any expectations; all she craves is a little appreciation. She successfully did justice to Seema’s character.

“Ghar Ki Murgi” is a story of every wife, mother and a daughter- in- law. A woman wholeheartedly loves takes care and supports her family where most of the time her endless efforts are overshadowed by the much older belief of women’s role in society. The story of a mother who loves her children more than anything, a wife who supports her husband no matter what and a daughter-in-law who takes care of her elders.

The importance to little details just wins our heart, when she counts the amount she earned with her parlor and gets the smile of contentment on her face which was the only thing she did for herself.

The director has beautifully captured the not so normal lifestyle of a woman as a homemaker on a daily basis. She hops from one work to another with the same amount of dedication and no expectations.

The relation of women with every member of the family is also shown effectively.

Even when the whole family realizes that Seema is about to leave for a month, got all of them panicked which also showed their complete dependency on her which the truth of every household somewhere.

Somewhere it did remind me of Large Short FilmsJuice” because of the concept but it surely has its own beauty and the whole short film is seamlessly impactful and strongly relatable.

Some of the lines are presented very subtly but their impact remains powerful, the part where Seema talks about how even a cooker pressure is released but she has to keep it all in left me with Goosebumps.

“Ghar Ki Murgi” overall not only helps Seema’s family to realize her worth but also reminds us of the hard work of women in our family.


Not even a thing.

Though I hoped Seema could have gone for her much-awaited trip to Goa.

Bottom Line:

“Ghar Ki Murgi” makes us go through different emotions without any mix-up and shows the unconditional love of a woman for her family, her dedication to go to any extent, a typical patriarchal perception of her husband, never-ending expectations of children, forever dependency of elders and that little hope she still carries within.


Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari is a director and a writer. She made her directorial debut in 2016 with Nil Battey Sannata. She is also known for the comedy drama, Bareilly Ki Barfi.

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