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Girls Hostel: Web Series Review


Girls Hostel

Cast: Srishti Shrivastava, Parul Gulati, Simran Natekar, Ahsaas Channa.
Director: Chaitanya Kumbhakonum.
Language: Hindi, English.
Genre: Comedy, Drama.
Channel: Girliyapa (YouTube).
Release Date: 8th December 2019.


Richa, a first-year student at S.V.M. Dental narrates her experience of freedom, courtesy of staying at the college’s all girls hostel. Stuck between the junior-senior battle and the rivalry with Medical, get front row seats for the entertaining and happening life at a girls hostel.


  • In their own words, ‘imagine spending a night in with 4 girls, and now imagine doing that for 4 years.’ A crazy, adventurous and entertaining journey filled with love, friendship, enmity, and countless jugaads, Girls Hostel is that peek in the coveted hostel life we all have wanted at least once in our lives.
  • Ahsaas (Richa), Simran (Mili), Srishti (Jo) and Parul (Zahira), the 4 main players in this chic-flic drama playing 4 totally different personalities, co-exist wonderfully by seamlessly merging their diverse characters into the uniform plot.
  • The character arc of all leading roles is explored clearly, be it Richa– who changes from being a mousy, hesitant new girl to a confident person, or Jo– a ‘lone wolf’ who learns to accommodate and warm up to her roommates.
  • Girliyapa, in its signature style, manages to put across serious issues without sounding preachy. Also, the preppy, empowering background music adds to the overall aesthetics of the show.
  • The show is made in association with Whisper, and in every episode, it is integrated perfectly into the storyline. So, bonus points for proper brand integration!
  • Also, don’t go running off as soon as the episode ends, wait for the after credits where the Girliyapa team make some interesting announcements!


  • Apart from the fact that the wait between episodes is too long, there is no reason for you to not watch the series.

Bottom Line:

A perfect mixture of comedy and drama makes Girls Hostel an entertaining watch worth your while.


  • Srishti and Ahsaas, both popular faces on Girliyapa, has been a part of their previous web series PA-Gals.
  • Girls Hostel marks Simran Natekar’s debut into the world of web series, a familiar face from television series, who was also seen in the movie Daawat-e-Ishq.
  • Parul Gulati can be seen ALTBalaji’s web series Haq Se and also Netflix’s recent series Selection Day.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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