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It Happened in Hong Kong : Web Series Review


Cast: Aahana Kumra, Amol Parashar
Director: Lakshya Raj Anand
Language: Hindi
Genres: Drama, Romance
Channel: VIU India
Release Date: 9 March 2018

Synopsis: Over a solo trip to Hong Kong, Amol and Aahana meet by chance and hit it off instantly. Their captivating journey in Hong Kong and the twists it takes forms the basis of “It Happened in Hong Kong”. The series explores and celebrates the small yet special moments which take place when you travel, including meeting strangers.


  • The locales of Hong Kong are captured well in the series, so much that you want to go on a trip yourself! Thus the audience gets to experience Hong Kong through the show.
  • The pairing of Amol and Aahana is very fresh and hence appealing. The actors complement each other very well and seem natural in their characters.
  • The story is contemporary and relatable.
  • The series attempts to get the audience to skip the routine and monotonous ways and embark on a life-changing adventure through traveling.


  • The dialogues could have been wittier and more engaging
  • The protagonists do not have a well sketched out backstories which make it difficult for the audience to relate to them
  • The end of the show seems cliché and hastily wrapped. Perhaps lengthening the series to a couple more episodes could have helped
  • The chemistry is lacking between the characters.


It Happened in Hong-Kong’ makes for a quick breezy watch and one can binge watch the series in a day at just episodes. If you are a fan of fluffy, slice of life romances, then the series will appeal to you. For those expecting comedy, drama or exceptional story-telling, then this one needn’t be on your list.


  • Actor Amol Parashar has also penned the dialogues for the first time for this series along with its director Lakshya Raj Anand.
  • ‘It Happened in Hong Kong’ was made in collaboration with the Hong Kong Tourism Board.


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