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Honeymoon In Thailand by Mandar Bhide: Stand-up Review


Honeymoon In Thailand by Mandar Bhide Stand up Comedy

Comedian: Mandar Bhide.
Channel: Mandar Bhide (YouTube).
Language: Hindi, English.
Release Date: 10th January 2019.

Catch Phrase:

“7 saal ke baad the only relationship goal is relationship.”


  • We millennials are obsessed when it comes to the relationship, always talking about what is an ideal couple- in our lingo ‘relationship goals’. Mandar in this latest stand-up brings us crashing down to reality, in a hilarious way, so we can forgive him for breaking our glass dreams.
  • After a certain point in a relationship, things become more about appearance and pretense than reality, and Mandar (very bravely) uses his 7 year anniversary as a very real reference to create a fun, entertaining vibe.
  • There will be some moments where his jokes will make you go “what the hell?!”, but worry not. Mandar has an answer for that as well. His careless, chill manner of handling the audience and delivering the performance will have you admiring his blasé comic persona.


  • Unless you don’t condone graphic/explicit language, this video is definitely worth a watch.

The Final Verdict:

Witness Mandar Bhide encounter his honeymoon experience and laugh out loud at his unwitting humor.

Watch The Stand-up Here:

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