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ImMature: Web Series Review


ImMature – Web Series Review

Cast: Omkar Kulkarni, Chinmay Chandraunshuh, Visshesh Tiwari, Rashmi Agdekar.

Director: Prem Mistry.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Comedy.

Channel: MX Player.

Release Date: 20 February 2019.

Synopsis: ImMature revolves around Dhruv, a 16-year old student and his friends –the wannabe-baddie Kabir, and the color-blind who doesn’t know he is color-blind Susu – who are eager to experience adulthood and have fun on their way. The series also follows Dhruv and his crush on the class topper, Chhavi, and his efforts to impress her.   


  • The concept of a school romance is not new and has been done to death. However, the way The Viral Fever executes it in ‘ImMature’ is somehow refreshing, and entertaining through and through.
  • Omkar Kulkarni is excellent in his role as Dhruv and portrays the shy awkward guy in love just perfectly. Chinmay Chandraunshuh as Kabir and Visshesh Tiwari as Susu are hilarious, and their strong acting chops add further value to their characters.
  • Rashmi Agdekar deserves a special mention for her portrayal of Chhavi – the class topper. Fortunately, Chhavi’s character is not written as a first-ranker stereotype prevalent in several shows and films. She has a fiery element to her character and Rashmi Agdekar’s performance is flawless to the core. Also, her chemistry with Omkar Kulkarni’s Dhruv is innocent and captivating.
  • Minor characters such as the Golawala, the main hero in the play, the waiter in the bar, as well as Shantanu replenish the much needed comic factor in moments when the otherwise taut storyline seems to slightly falter.
  • ImMature will definitely make you reminisce your school days. It’s representation of school life, encompassing elements such as strict teachers, exam stress, distant crushes, and the banter between students, is realistic and that is what makes it relatable for all of us.
  • ImMature has references to not just the pop culture, but also Easter Eggs from the TVF Universe. (How many can you spot?) Also, don’t stop when the credits begin to roll in at the end of every episode, there’s a little more fun after that.
  • Prem Mistry does a wonderful job with the direction, and accompanied by the music, gives an overall dramatic feel to the show while still retaining to its core of realism that the writers have stuck to with much sincerity.


  • After a while, the storyline starts to falter a little, and certain scenes are unnecessary elongated. However, it gains back its pace and strength by the end and thus, saves itself from a sad demise.
  • It jokes at the expense of characters that originate from a village, or are stereotypically traditional. But that is the sad reality, and we ourselves are guilty of making a mockery of such people. Once again, the show does stay true to its realism of urban school life.

Bottom Line:

ImMature, with its entertaining storyline and relatable characters, will definitely remind you of your time in school.


  • Rashmi Agdekar has worked in the film, Andhadhun, as well as the web series, Dev DD.
  • Chinmay Chandraunshuh and Visshesh Tiwari were both part of the film, Chillar Party.
  • ImMature was selected to be screened at the CanneSeriesCannes International Series Festival, back in April 2018.

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