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Jamai 2.0: Web Series Review


Jamai 2.0: Web Series Review

Cast: Ravi Dubey, Nia Sharma, Achint Kaur, Bobby Khanna, Pratik Dixit, Varun Jain, Sanjay Swaraj, Akash Talwar, Sudhanshu Pandey.

Director: Shashant Shah.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Mystery, Drama.

Channel: ZEE5.

Release Date: 10th September 2019.


Durga Devi, popularly known as DD, is the queen of the nightlife and everything it entails in Pondicherry a ruthless and cold woman, who isn’t afraid to twist an arm to get what she wants. Enter in the picture Siddharth aka Sid, a stand-up comedian working at one of DD’s club, with an ulterior motive of bringing her down for an old vendetta. Love was never supposed to enter the revenge plan, but as Sid meets Roshni, DD’s daughter, the inevitable happens. In the tug of war between love and revenge, it remains to be seen who wins.


  • Apart from the warming title track and the lead characters- Ravi Dubey, Nia Sharma and Achint Kaur- who try to do as much justice as they can to their respectively abysmal characters and screenplay, Jamai 2.0 turns out to be a huge disappointment, especially considering it’s a spin-off of the hit daily soap Jamai Raja.


  • Jamai 2.0 is a prime example how glitzy and glamorous sets, costumes and high quality visuals alone can’t make for an interesting show. The show could have definitely done a lot well with a decent plot structure.
  • Achint’s DD can come off as flattering considering her strong character, but Ravi’s Sid and Nia’s Roshni seem bland and unbaked. Sid’s feeling towards Roshni always seem to be in conflict, making you doubt what exactly he is feeling, and Roshni’s blatant lack of dignity and self-respect makes you cringe. The background music attributed to Sudhanshu’s Cheeram (think Singham’s comical version) lessens the impact of some rather serious sequences.
  • The long 10 episodes build up a mystery that fails to deliver in its promise due to predictability, introducing a possibility for a sequel.

Bottom Line:

Jamai 2.0 spoils all the high anticipation that was created for the new story of Sid and Roshni.


  • Shashant Shah has also directed Voot’s Shaadi Boys, MX Player’s Aafat, and the upcoming ALTBalaji & ZEE5 original The Verdict.
  • Jamai 2.0 marks Ravi Dubey’s debut on digital, while Nia Sharma has appeared in VB On The Web’s Twisted- Season 1 & 2. Achint Kaur has also appeared in MX Player web series Hey Prabhu! and Netflix’s original film Chopsticks.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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