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Joyride: Short Film Review


Cast: Shiv Pandit, Taher Shabbir, Nitin Mirani, Akshara Haasan.
Director: Fardeen Khan.
Language: Hindi, English.
Genre: Horror.
Channel: VOOT.
Release Date: 8 February 2019.


On a particular deserted road, a girl asks a passerby driver for a lift. Whoever stops and picks her up is never to be found. So goes the legend. A group of friends dares one of their own mates, Raunak, who don’t believe in the supernatural, to drive through that road at night. What follows is a dangerous journey that gets as twisted as it can.


  • It has all the necessary elements of a quintessential horror of such kinds – a scary urban legend, a disbelieving character, a dare, a friend who wants to call it quits, a frightening incident, and a twisted end.
  • The characters have done a pretty good job in their roles, especially Shiv Pandit as Raunak. Akshara Hassan, too, plays her part well as the ‘chudail’ on an empty road masquerading as an innocent abandoned girl. She neither goes too over the top with her emotions nor downplays it.
  • The screenplay effectively built up all the required tension from the start itself, and that worked well for the short film. Not many horrors short films succeed at building up tension within a very short span of time, but this one does the job.
  • The dialogues were well-written, with elements of humor sprinkled throughout the script, which kept the situation a little lighter, yet did not stray away from the destined route of the story.
  • After he woke up from the ‘dream’, the twist became predictable. It was no longer a question of ‘if’, but ‘when.’ And the ‘when’ was used properly, instead of rushing through by using a cheap jump scare.


  • The intensity that was kept intact throughout the first three-fourths of the short film fizzled out in the last quarter, in the post-dream sequence. There was nothing done to keep even a basic level of tension maintained. The jump in time, too, could’ve been done a little more smoothly.

Bottom Line:

Joyride has well-executed horror with the tight-knit screenplay. Makes for a good watch!


  • Shiv Pandit has worked on films like Shaitan, Boss, 7 Hours To Go, Loev, etc. as well as web series like Untag, and Selection Day.
  • Akshara Haasan is the daughter of veteran actor Kamal Haasan, and has worked in films like Shamitabh, Vivegam, etc.

Short Film Link: https://www.voot.com/shows/shortcuts/1/749303/joyride/750996

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  1. Renuka 11th February 2019

    It’s superb awsm… but it’s too short hope we would see soonest another part of this…


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