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Kaafi Political Correctness by Abijit Ganguly: Stand-up Review


Comedian: Abijit Ganguly.
Channel: Abijit Ganguly (YouTube).
Language: Hindi, English.
Release Date: 22nd January 2019.

Catch Phrase:

“Misappropriation. Normalization. Prevalence of privilege. Aise lagta hai Shashi Tharoor baithke bana raha hai apni problems.”


  • Abijit Ganguly is one of the rising stars of the comedy scene in India. His humorous take on the mundane and some not-so-mundane events that take place around us is unapologetic, and at times unsettling. But that’s what makes it real.
  • In this stand-up, Abijit smashes the new ‘trends’ that seem to be brought to fore every day from ageism to environmental issues. These are some serious things to be considered, granted, but the way internet and social media portrays it can be a bit extreme, and at times annoying. Abijit gives a humorous outlet to it, giving voice to all our thoughts we never spoke out loud, for the fear of being bashed.
  • As amazing as the content of his stand-up is, Abijit’s performance is what elevates to a whole new level, making it more entertaining and engaging.


  • As long as the disclaimer, that the comic piece is just for entertainment purpose and not to offend anyone’s feelings or sentiments, runs in your mind, nothing’s stopping you from giving this a watch.

The Final Verdict:

For all the new issues internet coughs up every day in the name of being politically correct, this stand-up is a funny answer back. Definitely worth watching.

Watch The Stand-up Here:

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