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Kaafir: Web Series Review


Kaafir: Web Series Review

Cast: Mohit Raina, Dia Mirza, Dishita Jain, Rahul Choudhary, Dara Sandhu, Umar Sharif, Faezeh Jalali, Vikram Sahu, Natasha Rastogi.

Director: Sonam Nair.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Drama.

Channel: ZEE5.

Release Date: 15th June 2019.


Vedant Rathod, a lawyer-turned-journalist, is called in to cover a hostage situation. A simple footage about the incident leads him to Seher Akhtar– a 6-year-old girl born and brought up in jail because her mother, Kainaaz Akhtar, is held for being a militant. As he digs deeper into the story, the simple human interest story for Vedant turns into a rescue mission, connected by fate.


  • Kashmir- India’s very own heaven on Earth, more popularly known for being caught in the crossfire between India and Pakistan. Many filmmakers have made stories that paint Kashmir and its issues in different tones and colors, and Kaafir stands out from all of it, rather than blending in.
  • Kaafir is real, and not just because it’s based on true incidents. It is real and raw in its portrayal of the sensitive issue India-Pakistan has always been. It neither glorifies nor demeans any one faction or the other- there are people who know that a Pakistani doesn’t necessarily equal to a terrorist and others who don’t. One wrong sentence, sentiment or dialogue, and Kaafir would have been like many other jingoist or idealistic movies- but writer Bhavani Iyer and director Sonam Nair has perfectly balanced the equation with outstanding sentimentality.
  • And that’s what makes Kaafir worth a watch- you are in for an emotional ride, and we don’t mean a sappy one. It touches the chords of your heart and logic simultaneously, by raising arguments and question we seem to overlook.
  • The series is made sublime by Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina’s performance. Dia Mirza’s Kainaaz is a hapless woman, abused by people and circumstances. She is weak and she is resilient. Kainaaz reminds us of our own mother, the one we think to be naïve but is indeed stronger than everyone we know. She is the embodiment of the beautiful mountains shown in the series.
  • Vedant, played by Mohit Raina, is the perfect counterpart of Kainaaz. Man of few words, what started as a journey for his own repentance turns into a personal drive for him to give Kainaaz and her daughter the justice they deserve. The heartbreakingly beautiful lines from the poem at the end, by Swanand Kirkire, “Log ladte hai milne ke khaatir, par apni toh bichhad jaane ki ladai thi”, perfectly capture Vedant and Kainaaz’s
  • Dishita Jain, the kid who plays Seher, is completely adorable in her character, and your heart goes to her with the very few lines she utters.
  • The supporting cast, from Faezeh Jalali’s Fatima to Dara Sandhu’s Rafiq, add their very own character to the plot in the limited screen time they get. The supporting characters influence and contribute essentially to Vedant and Kainaaz’s story, and the actors have played the part to the T.
  • Pratik Shah captures the sprawling beauty of Kashmir and the dark cells of prison with efficiency. The flashback technique of storytelling doesn’t disorient you for a minute, perfectly looping itself to provide a continuous storyline.
  • The title track is as serendipitous as the entire series.


  • The storyline seems to slack after the courtroom verdict, meandering towards the end.
  • Also, The Handmaid’s Tale seems to influence quite a number filmmakers these days. The maroon uniform, denoting women oppression, first made its appearance in Netflix’s Leila, and now in Kaafir.

Bottom Line:

Kaafir is a tale of home, belonging and love, that will leave you with a beautiful heartbreak and an yearning.


  • Sonam Nair has two short films- Khujli and Naamkaran (Terribly Tiny Tales)- and one web series- The Trip (Bindass) to her credit on Web.
  • Dia Mirza had first made her appearance on web with Hotstar series Shockers.
  • Kaafir marks the Mahadev famed Mohit Raina’s debut in digital world.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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