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Kaande Pohe: Short Film Review

Kaande pohe short film review poster
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Terribly Tiny Tales (YouTube).

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Cast: Ahsaas Channa, Tushar Pandey, Sameer Deshpandey, Sandhya Kute, Monu Kanojiya, Harsha Gupte.
Director: Shubham Yogi.
Language: Hindi, Marathi.
Genre: Romantic Drama.
Release Date: 12th February 2020.
Platform: Terribly Tiny Tales (YouTube).

“On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Terribly Tiny Tales has released a short film titled, Kaande Pohe, which attempts to explore modern set up for arranged marriage. Does it succeed? Find out!”


It’s the traditional ‘baghnyacha karyakram’ for Manisha and Sanjay, meaning meeting each other for the first time for an arranged marriage with family. They are perfectly suited for each other, according to their parents and their kundalis– 32, no wait 33, of their qualities match! But this is not the first time Manisha is meeting guys for marriage, and she has rejected everyone before, because nobody passed her test of accepting her ‘career’. Will Sanjay be able to, when she tells him what she does for living?


A quirky mix of traditional and modern, Terribly Tiny Tales’ (ttt) short film Kaande Pohe, is a sneaky take on millennial culture of influencers and the mediums that encourage it.

Manisha (Ahsaas) is one of the successful harbinger of this culture, a famous ‘star’ on a video platform that is not YouTube (you know what we are talking about!). Her parents and the guys who come to see her don’t approve of it, but she doesn’t care, because she has validation of 5M followers. Sanjay (Tushar) is the shy wallflower, who is progressive and quite taken with Manisha. Both Ahsaas and Tushar are on par in portraying the newness and instant magnetism new couples feel towards each other, especially in an arranged marriage set up.

Kaande Pohe has an old-school tint to its sequences, both complementing and contrasting the mood and plot of the film. From the marathmoli costumes to acquired music, the creators fill out every crevice to make the film a wholesome watch.


Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

Kaande Pohe is a neutral and entertaining mesh up of traditional and modern way of thinking. Worth a watch.


Apart from directing various short films for ttt (Suno, Glitch) and a web series for Just Human Things Minus One, Shubham Yogi is also a writer of the aforementioned short films.

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