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Karma Café: Short Film Review


Karma café: Short Film Review

Cast: Amole Gupte, Nakul Sahdev.

Director: Kabeer Khurana.

Language: English.

Genre: Drama.

Channel: Humaramovie (YouTube).

Release Date: 19th March 2019.


Alif wanders into a strange café, after a particularly rough night. A café that has no price on its menu, and no matter what you choose, you only get the food you deserve. Will Alif bare his soul to the get the soup he wants?


  • Karma Café is a story that has, as the name suggests, Karma at its essence. It revolves around an enigmatic café- owned by an equally enigmatic and weird man- which serves you only what you deserve. The concept is cliché and overused, but Karma Café is anything but. The execution of the age-old saying is so unique and baffling, you are gripped in the story from the very beginning till the end.
  • The story is an intense psychological drama with a touch of old-school philosophy. With each bowl of soup, the Director unveils various layers of Alif, stripping him bare until he becomes true to his name.
  • Amole Gupte, who plays Darpan– the owner of the café, excels in portraying a zen man at the mercy of fate. As his name indicates, he is the mirror that shows his customers their true reflections; coaxing it out in case of reluctance. Nakul is equally brilliant as a lost guy battling his conscience, trying to figure it all out and leaving the decision on a bowl of soup.
  • The writers, Rohan Parikh and Saeed Mirza, deserve a special mention for the outstanding script; above everything the story is what pulls you in, with all its dialogues.


  • Amole and Nakul do an excellent job at portraying their individual roles, but together, they lack the coordination to effectively put forth an engaging conversation. Their exchange seems more like a psychiatrist-patient exchange, lacking the liveliness of a conversation.

Bottom Line:

A lesson in disguise, Karma Café is a perfect example of ‘Food for Thought’. A definite must watch.


  • Kabeer Khurana has various short films to his credits such as Project Oneness, ism, Religion For Dummies, and Strings, among others.
  • Karma Café marks Amole Gupte’s debut into the digital entertainment world.

Watch The Short Film Here:

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