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Kids Doing Marathi Stand-up: Baba, Jaundice and Crocin; Review


Comedian(s): Sarthak Ketkar, Akshay Yadav, and Akash Kamble.
Channel: Bharatiya Digital Party aka BhaDiPa (YouTube).
Language: Marathi.
Release Date: 29th January 2019.

Catch Phrase:

“Tar aamchya gharat jababdar asa koni asel na, tar to mich. Haa mhanje aai-baba ahet pan kahi jari zala na tar te mala ch jababdar tharavtat. Mhnun me jababdar.”


  • BhaDiPa always ventures to do something different with their content, and this stand-up is a collaborated effort for promoting Nipun Dharmadhikari’s award-winning film Dhappa, which is releasing on 1st The stand-up is done by the 3 kids starring in the movie.
  • Sarthak Kelkar gives a comical take on the Indian educational system and the practicality of it. We have all learned the Pythagoras theorem as our life depended on it, and at the moment it did. But now, not so much. Many such things from our syllabus can seem totally out of context in the day-to-day life and Sarthak gives a voice to it, turning it hilarious.
  • Akshay Yadav, with his carefree, chill tone and attitude, talks about the phenomena that fathers, especially Maharashtrian ones, are. Nobody can figure out what sadistic pleasure they derive out of beating the shit out of us. If you have grown with it, you can’t help but appreciate the black humor.
  • Akash Kamble covers Indian parents and their bizarre notion of curbing kids’ curiosity and blaming all the world’s problem on our insignificant actions, in a belly-aching, funny way.
  • Nipun Dharmadhikari starts and ends the piece with his classic witty/ironical humor, giving it a nice, wholesome touch.


  • Not a thing.

The Final Verdict:

The stand-up is a very subtle promotional piece, which makes you laugh and also give you a slight clue of what the film is about- society vs. individual.

Watch the Stand-up Here:

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