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Laddoo: Short Film Review


Laddoo Short Film ReviewCast: Kumud Mishra, Kabir Sajid, Mansi Parekh, Rajkumar Kanojia, Alok Pandey.
Director: Sameer Sadhwani and Kishor Sadhwani.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Drama.
Channel: Large Short Films (YouTube).
Release Date: 30th January 2019.


Rahul aka Tiku is a small kid with an extremely curious mind and a million questions for everybody. On his grandfather’s barsi, his mother asks him to go feed a pandit as a ritual. When he cannot find one, his curiosity takes you on a quest of reality and idealism.


  • The age-old skirmish between people belonging to different communities has been a constant in India, throughout history. Everybody tries to coexist in our secular state peacefully, though with a million questions in our mind. Laddoo is a sweet yet powerful take on the religious and idealistic differences we have and the ridiculousness of it all, in a totally non-offensive way, a feat to achieve with such a sensitive topic.
  • “Umr zehnat kabhi kuch aisa na sikha payi, woh sachchayi jo bholi aankhon me dikh ayi”– this beautiful line sums up the entire film. A child’s innocence can sometimes be far more enlightening and profound than adult’s perceptions. And this film proves that notion with a startling amount of clarity.
  • Every character has outdone themselves with the limited screen space they get- be it the indulgent, bewildered mother, the helpless beggar or the Maulvi– they all add up to the beautiful concept equally. Kabir Sajid, who plays the role of Tiku, is spectacular in his role.
  • The background music is used at perfect times creating a powerful impact to accompany the scenes.
  • The light and bright cinematic sequences contradict the seriousness of the issue, supporting the tone of the film. It creates an environment that makes you introspect without hurting anyone’s sentiments or beliefs.


  • Not a single thing.

Bottom Line:

A strong message with a veneer of innocence, Laddoo is as heavy and sweet as the delicacy.


  • Laddoo had the worldwide premiere at the 20th Jio Mami Mumbai Film Festival with Star.
  • Laddoo marks Sameer and Kishor Sadhwani’s directorial debut; Sameer has worked as an assistant editor for films such as Sarkar Raj, Roy, Action Replayy, among many others. Kishor heads a script shop under the SCRIPTEase banner which is responsible for scripts of popular Indian cartoons such as Chor Police, Chhota Bheem, and Krishna Balram.

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