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Lost and Hound: Short Film Review


Lost and Hound – Short Film Review

Cast: Shubhangi Latkar, Om Bhutkar, Archana Iyer, Kaustubh Sawant.

Director: Jagdish Mishra.

Language: Hindi, Marathi.

Genre: Drama, Mystery.

Channel: Pocket Films (YouTube).

Release Date: 1st September 2019.


A lone elderly woman, Sunanda, lives in a secluded bungalow in Badlapur. She keeps to herself, doing her daily chores – cooking, walking her dog, gardening, etc. The only person who visits her is the delivery boy. However, Sunanda harbours a dark morbid secret, one that comes to light after a police officer comes to visit.                


  • Lost and Hound is a slow-burn mystery, one that pays off with a twisted end. Focusing on a seemingly abandoned mother’s daily routine, as well as her grief, it appears to be a mundane film. However, the mood and the setting steadily grow suspicious, leaving one to wonder what is wrong.
  • Shubhangi Latkar does a convincing job of playing a mother, who lives a lonely life. Yet, there’s something strange about her, which becomes visibly apparent through her mannerisms and facial expressions.
  • The entire background to the story is efficiently revealed through the conversations between the police officer and Sunanda. She misses her elder son who went to the US a decade ago, and shows grief for her younger one who is missing, but she also tends to turn hostile pretty quick.
  • The world-building is intricate and unsettling, leaving hints towards the ending. The house is secluded, the dog is always chained, the bonsai’s growth is controlled through wires, the lady locks her home just to visit the pump house (which is within the bungalow premises) and is resentful about her elder son leaving. She also shows concern about the dog abandoning her, if left unchained. She is insecure, unwilling to let go, and prefers to be in control at all times, even if requires extremities such as chains, wires, locks, and cages.
  • The film takes its time to allow us to grasp its surroundings and the eeriness slowly begins to creep up on you. It’s quite symbolic in its design – with subtle and not-so-subtle hints that lead to suspicion scattered all around.


  • The short film could’ve definitely been titled much better, in line with the essence of the story.

Bottom Line:

A slow-paced morbid tale where not everything is as simple as it seems to be.


  • Shubhangi Latkar has been a part of films like Delhi Belly, Bodyguard, Aashiqui 2, and Jolly LLB 2, as well as Marathi films like Kuni Ghar Deta ka Ghar, Shivya, B.A. Pass 2, etc. She is also known for her roles in TV shows like Ishq ka Rang Safed, Sanyukt, Ye Teri Galliyaan, and
  • Jagdish Mishra has also directed short films such as Brainstorm (VR), #spirit, and the documentary short, Beyond the Fence.

Watch The Short Film Here:

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