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Ma Aur Sushma by Aakash Mehta: Stand-up Comedy Review


aakash mehta

Comedian: Aakash Mehta.
Channel: KuchBhiMehta (YouTube).
Language: Hindi, English.
Release Date:17th December 2018.

Catch Phrase:

“Sometimes I think I am pregnant. I don’t know. Period bhi nahi aa raha hai aur pet bhi bada ho raha hai.”


  • From a mother’s unconditional, unreasonable love- her endearingly blunt honesty- to Sushma Swaraj’s strong role as the Minister of External Affairs (weirdly amazing combination), Aakash takes you on a belly-aching journey through reality,adding the humor quotient to stuff that we know and experience on a daily basis.
  • What sets the video apart from every other stand up video,are the captions. Now, paying attention to caption can be a pain, but it’s worth it in Ma Aur Sushma. Working as a subtext to the audible lines, they are equally hilarious, if not more.
  • Aakash’s comic and stage presence, with all his expressions and performance, keeps you engaged and wanting more.


  • Occasional use of strong/graphic words can be upsetting for those who are against it.

The Final Verdict:

For a humorous dose on our annoyingly doting mothers and our favorite extraditing minister Sushma Swaraj, this video is a must watch.

Watch The Stand-up Here:

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