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Maunn: Short Film Review


Maunn: Short Film Review

Cast:  Anurag Arora, Khushi Bharadwaj, Mohit Tiwari, Sarita Sharma.

Director: Priyanka Singh.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Drama.

Channel: Eros Now.

Release Date: 15th June 2019.


A middle class family in a typical urban milieu gets devastated when discovered about the evil intensions of their close neighbor on their little daughter and how the pressure and thinking of society overpowers them with silence.


  • This short film Maunn, through its silence, gives voice to the most unarticulated social evil, child abuse, which exists in the list of dirt in our society since ages and unfortunately is still growing like a plague.
  • Lighting plays a very important role in emphasizing any type of situation, and in Maunn, the scene where Dev is trying to attack Shreya’s innocence in a dark room gives a better understanding of darkness of Dev’s soul surrounding her, her silence betraying the anguish she feels inside. With the entry of her parents suddenly there is light which shows their love, positivity and care. Creators have played with lightening astutely in defining good or evil, bad or good and love or lust.
  • The setting of the film is a typical urban household where the vital concern is the judgment and perception of the society, people are sharing happiness but holding the sadness within.
  • With limited cast and less dialogues, the short film has managed to make a massive impact on the viewers with strong body language and expressions which forces us to go through and understand the uncomfortable feeling of a child, never ending fear of parents and the existence of dark clouds around us.
  • The last scene of the short film will leave you speechless just like the characters of the film- Shreya in an avatar of Indian goddess with a background that symbolizes power and positivity, while she is left with misery, fear and SILENCE.


  • Nothing as such.

Bottom Line:

This short film makes you think about what you haven’t thought, what our eyes haven’t caught and makes worry about the change we haven’t brought.


  • Maunn has been recognized on international level in various film festivals, winning at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in 2018.
  • Priyanka Singh has not only directed Maunn, but also written and produced it; she has previously directed Voot’s Maya and Humaramovie’s Ankahee Baatein.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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