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Maya: Short Film Review


Maya – Short Film Review

Cast: Kirti Kulhari, Alka Amin, Naveen Kasturia.

Director: Vikas Chandra.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Drama.

Channel: VOOT.

Release Date: 15 February 2019.

Synopsis: Maya, a strong-headed girl is in love with Raunak, and brings him and his family to her home to talk about their marriage. However, Maya’s mother has a health problem that Raunak’s family is not comfortable with. A twist in the story brings Maya and Raunak’s relationship to a test, and redefines Maya’s idea of love.          


  • Maya’s character is well-defined. She cares for her mother immensely, and although she may get irritated at times due to her mother’s stubbornness, she still loves her no matter what. Kirti Kulhari brilliantly balances the head-strong and the caring nature of Maya.
  • Alka Amin, too, does an amazing job as Maya’s mother who suffers from urinary incontinence. Two scenes of hers steal the show – one where her expression changes in front of Raunak’s family due to her problem, and the emotional ending scene with her daughter.
  • The family dynamics of Maya and her mother’s relation with each other have been efficiently covered in a short time. The roles are sometimes reversed when Maya has to take care of her mother and force her to do the necessary exercises, as well as support her.
  • It is said that when people grow old, they start behaving like little children, and that is made eminent in this short film when Maya’s mother doesn’t listen to her daughter, behaves stubbornly, and is afraid of Maya yelling at her.
  • The twist at the end comes as a surprise, and is a heart-warming one.


  • There’s nothing wrong with the short film.

Bottom Line:

Maya explores complex dynamics of family relationships and love, yet remains simple and heart-warming at its core.


  • Kirti Kulhari has been a part of films such as Shaitaan, Pink, and recently, Uri: The Surgical Strike. She was also seen in Amazon Prime Video’s Four More Shots Please!
  • Naveen Kasturia has been a part of short films such as Interior Café Night, Pure Veg, Half Ticket, etc. He was also seen in web series like TVF Pitchers, Man’s World, Bose: Dead/Alive, Social, and The Good Vibes.

Short Film Link: https://www.voot.com/shows/shortcuts/1/749303/maya/753131

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