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Medically Yourrs: Web Series Review


Medically Yourrs: Web Series Review

Cast: Shantanu Maheshwari, Nityami Shirke, Keval Dasani, Manas Adhiya, Priyanka Arya, Radhey Lotwala, Bijay Anand, Mrinal Dutt, Shubhaavi Choksey, Shruti Bapna, Shubha Rajput, Jayna Ruchandani.

Director: Abhijit Das.

Language: Hindi, Bengali.

Genre: Drama.

Channel: ALTBalaji.

Release Date: 27th May 2019.


Abir Basu is the stud of KIMS, the most renowned college of Medical in Kolkata. Belonging to a prestigious family of Doctors, Abir’s dreams lie far from the labs and white coats of Medical; he wants to be a musician. Scorned by his father for it, he is slumming in KIMS, and his childhood best friend, Nibedita, who is the prodigy of Abir’s father, makes it even harder with her perfect scores. As Abir takes drastic measures to get her off course, a chain of events change his life, for better and worse.


  • Doctors and engineers. Two profession Indian parents love to choose for their children. Hence, there have been movies and shows that have focused on the struggle of being a doctor, but Medically Yourrs is a far cry from any of these- it’s raw, real, and fun. As ALTBalaji cheekily put it, it’s no Puncch Beat, because that isn’t reality. Reality is stark, drab walls of colleges with annoying professors and even annoying friends. It’s excessive studies and excessive drinking-smoking to cope with the stress.
  • The series focuses on shedding light on the lives of MBBS students, the future doctors-to-be, the God for the layman. The hard-hitting truth of their lives spent in books and drowned in stress goes a long way to enlighten you.
  • The series is hard-hitting dose of nostalgia for all the college-goers and more for the ones who have lived the hostel life. All the jugaads Abir and his friends come up with makes you laugh out loud at the absurdity yet relatability of it all. And that’s the crux and the redeemable factor of Medically Yourrs, it’s relatable and real to a whole new level, no pretense or fantasies.
  • Shantanu Maheshwari outdoes himself in his digital debut. His character, Abir, is a frustrated, selfish guy who isn’t afraid to go to any lengths to please his tough father. Despite all his flaws, and maybe because of them, he is the hero because he embraces them all. Shantanu plays him well.
  • He is equally matched, in fact outdone, by Nityami Shirke who plays NibeditaAbir’s confidante and enemy. She is the nerd girl prodigy, who is cool and just perfect with all her quirks. Abir and her relationship is twisted, their constant bickering and fights endearing and irritating. We all have that one person in our lives, don’t we?
  • The accompanying cast, from Keval Dasani to Shruti Bapna- who play Lolly and Chandani Ma’am respectively- add their very own precious bits of character to the multifold series. Each character is unique and raw in their own way, adding depth and perception to the lives of MBBS students. Keval’s voiceover, from the beginning till the end, works as an entertaining commentary that speaks between the lines, never detracting from the plot.
  • The very few original songs blended and wrapped in Bengali, are enjoyable enough to make your head sway and tap your feet.


  • For all the good storytelling and rawness, Medically Yourrs fails to string the 10 short and crisp episodes together in a continuum. Certain characters and scenes just seem to come right at you out of the blue, throwing you off balance for a while.
  • Bijay Anand, who seems to be a favorite of ALTBalaji, seems redundant in the grand scheme of things and so does Shubhaavi Choksey, who plays his wife in the series. His role is essential to shape out Shantanu’s character, but whenever he graces the screen he look clueless and out of place.
  • And the ending. It’s way off from the pace of the series. It’s all good until Abir leaves everything behind. The sequences following after that seem absurd, and the premonition of the second season comes off as disappointing.

Bottom Line:

Medically Yourrs is a fresh breath of air, a fun take on MBBS that is entertaining and enlightening. Worth a watch.


  • Shantanu Maheshwari, despite being a Kolkata boy, had difficulty in speaking Bengali. With the help of the director, he learned to speak fluent Bengali, with the cuss words!
  • Medically Yourrs marks Nityami Shirke’s second tryst with ALTBalaji, she was previously seen in the web series PM Selfiewallie.

Watch The Trailer Here: 

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