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Memories: Web Series Review


Cast : Rohit Roy,  Priyal Gor
Director: Vikram Bhatt
Language: Hindi
Genre: Thriller
Channel: VIU
Release date: 1st July 2018

Synopsis: Memories is a Viu original’s 13-episode web series, in which ‘Rohit Roy’ plays the lead character of a news anchor. He also helps police solve difficult cases as he is blessed with the powers to go into the memories of lifeless people and see their memories, desires, thoughts and secrets. The plot takes a drastic turn when he gets involved in case of a girl who is in coma – Played by ‘Priyal Gor’ and rest is the very interesting story line which will unfold in each episode that is to be released every Saturday.


  • This thriller is a gripping drama, also it has a very crisp and engaging story line.
  • Viewers will enjoy a beautifully woven romance amidst the thrill and twists that the show will bring along.
  • Rohit’s character is a well match of his behavioral pattern onscreen. His glasses, suits, all add heft to the maturity of the character and the seriousness of the situation.
  • Viu Originals’ Memories, is totally free so far (four episodes)


  • While the pace and tempo of the thriller is good, there are a few bloopers as well.
  • Few scenes have no other lateral tracks that have opened up making it a little difficult to dig in.
  • There is a huge task for this web series that is with the fresh episodes being added weekly, there will have to be enough content for the audience to remember to come back in the web space.

Bottom Line: The web series is popular to be psychological thriller which keeps its viewers hooked to their chair.


  • For Priyal, MEMORIES was her digital debut, although it is being aired after MAAYA2

Note:  This review is based on the first four episodes of MEMORIES.

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