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Mini Banerjee Ghar Mein Hai: Short Film Review


Mini Banerjee Ghar Mein Hai: Short Film Review

Cast: Shadaab Khan, Digvijay Sawant, Shivani Sawant, Aprajita Bajaj, Anud Singh Dhaka.

Director: Shadaab Khan.

Language: Hindi

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Comedy.

Channel: Humaramovies (YouTube).

Release Date: 3rd September 2019.


A simple house hunting by Mr. & Mrs. Sawant in Mumbai city turns into a chilling experience by knowing that in the space of Sawant’s there will be Banerjee breathing too. The imperfect story of a perfect dream house. Is it that hard to find a perfect house these days? Let’s find out.


  • The title and the beginning of the story give a simple perspective of a nuclear family whose happiness lies in owning a beautiful and spacious flat but that’s what we all want and then the happy turns to horror, and the dream turns to desperation.
  • Nowadays everyone is looking for a perfect space to settle down and it has become a competition, and it’s not only the money which matters but also one’s desire to own the house they want.
  • The direction and cinematography are commendable. The change in camera angles, lightings has made the short film conventional and powerful. The scene where Jay is narrating and leading & Mrs. Sawant towards a horror story to overpower them is shown in a way that portrays their vulnerability.
  • The actors have done their part quite well. The way Shadaab has portrayed the desperation of a middle man to find a good place and the extent to which one goes is so real. The portrayal of the characters is very convincing; attention to small details makes it more realistic.
  • The superstitious beliefs of & Mrs. Sawant, just like every other Indian family is shown to build up from the beginning which makes it easy for Jay or anyone out there to fool us based on our bizarre beliefs.
  • Though the background music is unnoticeable, it plays an important role in building up the scenes and it has been taken care of very smoothly. With the entry of the couple, there is happy music and suddenly the vibe changes with weird and scary music when Jay enters as the neighbor, and finally with the revelation of the truth the music turns lighter just like the mood of the protagonist.
  • The revelation at the end shows the desperation of the horror story writer- Jay Banerjee who out of his despairing condition knits a story and turns his little dog into a little girl’s ghost.


  • Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

A simple house hunting could be turned into a haunting house with just a little superstition and a lot of desperation.


  • Shadaab Khan is an actor, director, and writer, who has previously directed the short film Highway 203.
  • He is the son of late actor Amjad Khan aka Gabbar, and the connection is sneakily put into the film at the end.

Watch The Short Film Here: 

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