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Mission Over Mars (M.O.M): Web Series Review.


Cast: Mona Singh, Sakshi Tanwar, Palomi Ghosh, Nidhi Singh, Ashish Vidyarthi, Mihir Ahuja.

Director: Vinay Waikul.

Language: Hindi, English.

Genre: Drama.

Channel: ALTBalaji, ZEE5.

Release Date: 10th September 2019.


Based on true events, Mission Over Mars (M.O.M) is an inspiring tale of four brave women who have played a significant role behind India’s Mars Orbiter Mission. The show follows their journey as they fight hardships in their personal as well as professional life with determination and dedication on their way to take India to Mars.                


  • All the four lead female characters have been fleshed out really well. They are not mere stereotypes of scientists, they are people just like us, with their own lives, families, emotions, struggles, aspirations, beliefs, as well as flaws. The way the characters are written makes them highly relatable, especially to women, who often face similar struggles at home and at work.
  • While the series is revolving around space, science, and astronomy, the scientific language and technical jargon is kept to a necessary minimum to make it understandable to the viewers.
  • Sakshi Tanwar nailed it with her performance as Nandita, a straightforward and practical mission coordinator at work, as well as a strict helicopter-mom at home. Mona Singh, too, is remarkable in her portrayal of Moushumi, a single mother who is hot-headed but highly ambitious, and wants to regain her credibility after a failure.
  • Nidhi Singh gives a natural performance as Neetu, who is a scientist and a newly married woman balancing her ways between astronomy and her belief in astrology. Palomi Ghosh, too, is extremely endearing as the quirky Meghan, who does things in her own weird ways, but is extremely smart and dedicated at whatever she does. In the face of domineering figures like Sakshi and Mona, Nidhi and Palomi are still given enough space to shine, which is a major plus.
  • M.O.M also delves into cleverly showcasing the several challenges that the individual scientists, the mission and the organization faces – gender bias, workplace politics, corporate interference, as well as electoral politics and governmental pressure that severely affect the operations (wherein the space mission turns into a potential PR tool for the ruling party).
  • The show, aside from its emotional ups and downs, is also peppered with apt humor that keeps the show alive when it starts to feel sluggish.
  • The VFX are not really disappointing and make for a cool visual treat alongside the storyline.


  • Neetu and her husband’s intimate sequences become repetitive and unnecessary, occupying a majority of her home-centric narrative. We don’t really see much of Meghan’s out-of-work sequences either, outside of her dating escapades. However, Nidhi Singh and Palomi Ghosh still manage to impress in their roles.
  • The mention of China is way too frequent (Is that the only way to motivate your scientists? By looking down on others and celebrating their failure?), and every failed test or mission results in a highly dramatic explosion, which seems unrealistic.

Bottom Line:

Performances shoulder this show, making it a far more engaging and intriguing watch than what is already is.


  • Nidhi Singh made her web debut with Permanent Roommates, and was also a part of web series like Humorously Yours, Apharan, ImMature, among others.
  • Palomi Ghosh was seen in the hit American series Sense8, as well as TSP’s Office vs. Office, and recently, Netflix’s Indian Horror Original web series, Typewriter.
  • Vinay Waikul is also the director of ALTBalalji’s The Test Case, and has been an assistant director in films like Dangal, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, 3 Idiots, and Ghajini, among others.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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