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National clause and its parameters with Abijit Ganguly


Freedom of speech in our country is very thoroughly utilized by our stand-up comedians, especially when it comes to poking fun at our own prime minister. Abijit Ganguly excels at this subject. Be it the national anthem controversy or the budget, you can without doubt expect a custom political gig from Abijit. There is always a flow in the conversation with him and his punches never look rehearsed. That’s what makes his style very unique and likeable. Of course, you also have the girls swooning over his smile, but that’s another subject altogether.

While describing Jaitley and his budget, Abijit hilariously diagnoses him as constipated and you suddenly realize that’s true! He does look like he needs Hajmola. Abijit takes on Modiji’s self-obsession in a very classic satirical form, calling him cute while describing his antics. He makes it a point to subtly take a dig at the Bhakts too. Because well, he can. His comparison of Modiji with Poo, however takes the cake! You can actually visualize Modiji irritated with Kejriwal, saying “ye kaun hai jisne mudd ke mujhe nahi dekha?” And a riot of laughter ensues! However a mention of Rahul baba is inevitable, when we are discussing the government. This is a fool-proof formula, the jabs at baba never get old, do they?

Abijit smoothly glides on from Modi to Arnab, but smartly doesn’t spend much time about his high pitched frolics because a lot has been said about it already and frankly the joke’s getting a bit old (are the others listening?!). His comparison of Arnab with Ekta Kapoor’s dramas is the most hysterically funny punch we have heard recently! And you can see in the “I know I killed it with that” smile on Abijit’s face, that the nail has been hit on its head.
Abijit has shown a lot of promise in his performances, each time picking up a topic no one has spoken on before. But Modiji is Abijit’s trump card. Watch the gig and you will see why!

PS: Perhaps let’s give the Modi-jokes a break. What say folks?

You can watch the entire gig here –


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