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New game player with hilarious deliveries- Devesh Dixit


There has been a swarm of newcomers in the Indian comedy circuit and well not that we’re complaining about the sudden influx, at least that promises that many extra laughs. However, as is generally the case with a crowd, a stark differentiating quality becomes essential. Devesh Dixit is still finding his foothold around here, but shows promise. He weighs more towards the unrefined comedy that seems to be the “in-thing” these days. Although, you do need a smooth delivery tactic to not let the joke offend or make the audience uncomfortable. With just a little more polish, we thing Devesh will nail it.

This gig starts off with Devesh describing a road-rage incident he encountered and how the morose offender threatens to screw his backside. What ensues is a supremely funny description of what the offender must have planned with a real and sarcastic take on the infamous Delhi-Gurgaon road rage. The pauses and laughter felt slightly forced though, but he hands down scores with the Google maps instance.

Next on is a rib tickling description of his parents’ reaction to his declaration of a ‘Bong’ girlfriend. Devesh’s comic graph troughs a lot amidst very strong punches and lacked a little consistency, is what we thought. Having said that, “Chandi in Moharram” and a jab at the patriarchy in North India were solid thumps, keeping the audience quite interested. It is important that the upcoming artists realize that originality is the name of this game and imitating an existing style might not be a long term solution.

Devesh has it in him as can be seen by the sudden hilarious deliveries. Perhaps we need to watch him on stage more regularly. A very decent attempt at good comedy, worth a watch folks!

You can watch the entire gig here –


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