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New Years Eve: Short Film Review


new years eve

Cast: Arnav Bhasin.
Director: Pranav Bhasin.
Language: English, Hindi.
Genre: Drama.
Channel: Large Short Films (YouTube).
Release Date: 2nd January 2019.


A normal boy is desperate to spend the new year eve out with someone but is ditched by everyone. In an effort to have company, he has various backup options. What happens when all of them say yes? Who’ll he take?


  • The concept ‘31st ka kya plan hai’ is executed in such an extraordinarily simplistic manner, the viewers can’t help but relate with the struggle it is to get out of your home on the infamous new years eve.
  • The slice-of-life story is free of any drama or exaggeration, making the film seem like a peek into someone’s life.
  • The amazing cinematic visuals enhance the viewing experience; the use of tracking shot throughout the film and snippets of the surroundings transform the whole film into a realistic experience. It feels more like a good documentary than a scripted film.
  • Arnav Bhasin excels in portraying the ordinary guy- his hopelessness when he doesn’t have anyone to accompany him to a party, and his dilemma when everyone, at once, agrees makes you pity him and laugh at his rotten luck, at the same time.


  • The evenness of the film, without any dramatic highs and lows, might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Filmmaking-wise there is nothing wrong with it.

Bottom Line:

If you’re still suffering from the after-effects of the new year bash, this short film will remind you how difficult arranging and being part of the ‘bash’ was.


  • New Years Eve was premiered at the 20th Jio Mami Film Festival with Star under the Royal Stag Barrel’s Perfect 10 Winner category.
  • Pranav Bhasin is the co-founder of Dexterlab Productions (DLP), which has produced this short film. Pranav has directed acclaimed short films such as The Wolf of Chawl Street, Silly Sheep, He Dies In The End, Kanikastarring his brother Arnav Bhasin in most of them.

Watch The Short Film Here:

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