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Night of the Millennium, Parchhayee, Episode 9: Review


Night of the Millennium, Parchhayee, Episode 9: Web Series Review

Cast: Naveen Kasturia, Gauahar Khan, Ruhi Singh, Kirti Sualy, Dhruv Nagarkar.

Director: Ajay Bhuyan.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Mystery, Horror.

Channel: ZEE5.

Release Date: 15th May 2019.


Jimmy, a real estate dealer, has his eyes on a majestic Millennium House, keen on buying it. It is said that the property is haunted, but Jimmy brushes it off as rumors. In the safety of the night, he sneaks in to see the property, accompanied by the enchanting Akshara, but things soon seem to go south as the house takes him through a karmic trip down memory lane.


  • Night of the Millennium is by far the best episode of Parchhayee. The story and execution perfectly complement each other to create a nail-biting thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat with anticipation and fear.
  • The theme of the 9th episode of Parchhayee is Karma; a concept rehashed by many filmmakers and writers alike. Night of the Millennium stands out with its exceptionally well storyline, giving a whole new twist to the justice that goes hand in hand with Karma.
  • Jimmy is a man who is confident, powerful, and ruthless in his dealings. He is capable of going to any lengths to get what he wants. A morally corrupt man, Karma has a lot of catching up to do with him, and when it does, it’s not pretty. Naveen Kasturia plays the role with exceptional justification, sliding into the sly character comfortably.
  • Gauahar Khan matches him in his caliber, playing Akshara, a historian, interested in the art and craft of the property. She has the mysterious vibe about her that is alluring and aloof, keeping you on your guard.
  • The transition between reality and illusion is executed in such a smooth manner, teleporting you along with the character into the alternate reality. It doesn’t feel jarring or sudden, maintaining the continuity.
  • The ghostly apparitions seems exactly that- ghostly and enigmatic. Their presence has a diabolic meaning in the series, either to warn off the potential buyers or as an omen of the buyers’ wrong Karma. Every single detail and character, adds to the mystery of the Millennium House.


  • Not a single thing.

Bottom Line:

Ruskin Bond’s compelling writing shines through Parchhayee’s Night of the Millennium, aided by the creators’ execution and characters’ performances. A definite watch.


  • Ajay Bhuyan has directed the popular Dice Media series Little Things, and Arre’s acclaimed sci-fi series A.I.S.H.A: My Virtual Girlfriend. He is also the director of two upcoming web series- Applause Entertainment’s Mind The Malhotras and Amazon Prime’s Jestination Unknown.
  • Gauahar Khan made her digital debut with Eros Now’s Side Hero. She will be seen in Applause Entertainment’s Salt City.
  • Naveen Kasturia has been a star of Web Entertainment with series like TVF Pitchers, ALTBalaji’s Bose: Dead/Alive, among many other series and short films. He will be seen in MX Players’ upcoming series Thinkistaan.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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