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Noor (The Light): Short Film Review

Noor (The Light): Short Film Review poster
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Cast: Jaya Bhattacharya, Tanishka Vishe.
Director: Kiran Nagdev.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Drama.
Release Date: 14th February, 2020.
Platform: Pocket Films (YouTube).

“Ignorance is bliss they say, is it true when it’s about your child? Let’s find out in Pocket Films’ latest short film, Noor.”


A little girl, Noor, is walking alone in the dark alley in the middle of the night and ends up at her maid’s- Laxmi– house. Noor starts talking to her about the not so glamorous part of her glamorous lifestyle.  Her parents are ignorant of her pain and her so called uncle is a sexual predator making it difficult for her to live. When she finally decides to leave it all behind, will she? And how?


What most of the stories talk about is the benefit of being rich and how kids enjoy it but there is another side to it where it’s not about the party, loud music and money anymore. There are a lot of things above that children desire, like simple love and care.

Kiran Nagdev’s way of presenting the seriousness of the issue through just a conversation between a little girl and women to which all the Noor and Laxmi could relate to.

The subtle manner in which two different lives, two different issues and two different perspectives were shown in one frame is praiseworthy.

The paradoxical title of the short film, “Noor” meaning “The Light” talks about today’s dark reality about ignoring our children in the hectic and demanding lifestyle, the trauma it causes in their life, the difference in lifestyle and perception of rich and poor, sexual harassment, and the deteriorating condition of our society. With just the cast of two we were able to understand the story of many.

How Noor is more comfortable in dark with nothing to lose rather than in light with everything to lose, at once metaphorically shows the mental struggle and physical abuse she goes through in her house with everything and feels safe and at peace in Laxmi’s house with nothing.

Tanishka Vishe who has played Noor’s part surely knows how to play with emotions on screen. She has portrayed the mixed emotions where the audience is able to understand that she is sad about what has happened, scared about what will happen and happy about what is happening right now. Her character shows the pain of a child who is part of a rich family but lacks the contentment of belonging.

Jaya Bhattacharya, who has played Laxmi’s character, belongs to the other part of the society with less privilege and more struggle. The way she talks about what’s missing in her life with satisfaction of what little she has makes us understand the dilemma in life of every one working hard to make their living.


The production quality and the overall execution could have been better.

Bottom Line: Noor focuses on today’s harsh reality where a rich family’s sparkling eyes with wealth couldn’t see their daughter’s pain and much talked yet ignored issue of child abuse.


Kiran Nagdev is also the writer and producer for the short film.

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