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Only For Singles: Web Series Review


Only For Singles: Web Series Review

Cast: Vivaan Shah, Deepti Sati, Aman Uppal, Pooja Banerjee, Shirin Sewani, Gulshan Nain, Kannan Arunachalam, Mohan Kapoor.

Director: Samar Iqbal.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Comedy, Drama.

Channel: MX Player.

Release Date: 28th June 2019.


Mumbai city- the dream city. But the people living here know how difficult the city makes it to achieve your dreams. Only For Singles is one such story of six youngsters- six singles- Mickey, Appu, Rapchik, Harman, Riyaz and RJ. The first five are staying in RJ’s unfinished apartment building for free of rent (because of Mickey and RJ’s history), but the easy situation soon goes down south, when RJ herself comes to stay, crossing her father. As the six friends battle to prove their worth and for a place to call home, they explore some essential lessons in love, friendship and life.


  • Only For Singles is a light, entertaining web series that is filled with laughter and drama, and a pinch of emotions. A simple story of six roommates who are as different from each other as they can be, they make you shed tears with their funny shenanigans and sensible personalities. It’s a story of millennials, for millenials, that will make you relate to the characters’ and their struggles on a profound level, in breezy manner.
  • Chirag Mahabal, the writer of the series, has perfectly managed to create a story that keeps you engrossed in the lighthearted drama that Only For Singles It doesn’t get tedious, superficial or exaggerating throughout the 13 episodes; the six flavors of different characters merged finely in the bigger plot of their struggles, keep you chuckling and shaking you heads at the weird familiarity of it all. Even the serious issues such as Riyaz’s religion always creating barriers for him or RJ’s downplayed self-worth by her father for being a woman, are portrayed in a manner that register with you, without being over-zealously dramatic.
  • The six lead actors steal the show by portraying their respective characters with astounding precision. Be it Vivaan as the most sensible of the bunch Mickey, Pooja as the headstrong Bengali Appu, Deepti Sati as the rich diva RJ, Gulshan’s brainless and image-centered Harman, Shirin as the wannabe internet sensation Rapchik and Aman’s sensible fool Riyaz– everyone play their character with charming ease and charisma. Their hedonist behaviors, sharing stuff that shouldn’t be shard and doing weird stuff in general, the characters come off as endearing and likable.
  • Kannan Arunachalam and Mohan Kapoor leave a lasting impression with their limited screen time, embodiment of the annoying neighbor and unreasonable parent.
  • The title song is not something you’ll download as your go-to song, but you also can’t help but croon along to it when it plays. It’s catchy and sticks with you for the remainder of the series.


  • It’s no-brainer content that is just meant to be enjoyed and not analyzed. As long as you keep this in mind, there is nothing wrong with the series.

Bottom Line:

Only For Singles gives it to you straight and simple, from its title to its story. An entertaining for the youth.


  • Samar Iqbal has directed Bindass’s Girl In The City, and Arré’s Official CEOgiri.
  • Only For Singles marks Deepti Sati, Vivaan Shah, and Shirin Sewani’s debut in the world of Web Series, whereas the other 3 actors have made appearance in Web Series before. Aman Uppal could be seen in ALTBalaji’s Dev DD, Girliyapa’s PA-Gals Season 2; Pooja Banerjee featured in 3 series by ALTBalaji- Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai, Dil Hi Toh Hai, and Kasautii Zindagi Kay, and Gulshan Nain was in The Creative Gypsy’s All About Section 377 and Dancing Shiva Prodctions’ Still About Section 377.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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