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Operation MBBS: Web Series Review

Operation MBBS: Web Series Review poster
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Dice Media (YouTube).

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Cast: Ayush Mehra, Anshul Chauhan, Sarah Hashmi, Prateek Pachori, Deepak Simwal, Geetanjali Kulkarni.
Director: Amrit Raj Gupta.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Drama.
Release Date: 22nd February 2020.
Platform: Dice Media (YouTube).

“Dice Media’s latest web series, Operation MBBS, follows the journey of three first-year MBBS students as they try to deal with the ups and downs of medical school. Here’s our review that dissects into the series.”


Operation MBBS follows the journey of three first-year MBBS students – Nishant, Huma, and Sakshi – who try to manoeuvre their way through the ups and downs of medical school, facing challenges in academics as well as friendships.


Operation MBBS presents an interesting and quirky take on the life of medical students. It maintains an equilibrium in its portrayal of collegiate life, allowing enough time for its fun-filled banters and emotionally-charged moments to play out, without missing out on exploring major quintessential stresses that accompany this particular field of study (or studying in general).

What makes this series different from other on-screen presentations of medical life is that Operation MBBS is believable, down to earth, and firmly rooted in reality. It does not present a highly-dramatized or glamourized version of medical life and prevents itself from narrowing down to a romantic drama by embedding a soaring romance angle that becomes the centre-point of the plot. It does not lose its original essence over the episodes.

The first episode goes into exposition, establishing the background, setting up the mood and tone, and sketching out characters in detail. After that, the show digs deeper, exploring the facets of the trio’s friendship, their evolving relationship with other characters, their personal struggles and academic challenges. It does so without compromising on its quirky comic factor.

The series presents a well-paced, lean and compelling narrative that touches upon several aspects of a student’s life, giving you tons of moments that you will relate to. It is surely a nostalgia trip for everyone, medical student or not.

Ayush Mehra is delightful as the playful, high-spirited Nishant, who can’t get enough of jokes and pranks, and wants to live life on his own terms. Sarah Hashmi is endearing as Huma, stealing the show with emotionally-hefty scenes, as she finds herself struggling to fulfil her ambitions and facing difficult moral choices. Anshul Chauhan, too, is a natural as Sakshi, who has dreams to fulfil and a point to prove. The trio do justice to their roles, adding touches of waywardness, mischief, anxiety, and ambition in their performances, making it a compelling watch.

The subplot with Aakash is definitely worth mentioning. It’s not an in-passing token demonstration of class divide and financial struggle that is intended merely for social awareness and common in education-based shows, but a proper subplot that rather weaves itself into a story that grows and develops alongside the central one.


Some of the scenes are unrealistically exaggerated for dramatic purposes. There’s no chance an outsider would dare to talk trash about doctors and then go as far as almost slapping a female medical student right inside a medical school canteen.

While the Aakash subplot is definitely interesting, it ends up being a tool for the sponsor brand’s promotion. The upside to this is that the various elements of the product are effectively and usefully advertised as the subplot develops, and the frequency of promotion is relatively low, with only one mention per episode, rather than an excessive bombardment every five to ten minutes which is the case with a few Dice Media shows.

Bottom Line:

A fun, quirky, and entertaining dissection of student life in a medical school.


Ayush Mehra was actually rejected when he auditioned for the role of Nishant the first time. He re-auditioned three days later and was selected.

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