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Operation Parindey: Feature Film Review

Operation Parindey Feature Film Review poster
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Cast: Amit Sadh, Rahul Dev, Amit Gaur, Kunal Kumar, Rucha Inamdar, Aakash Dahiya.
Director: Sanjay Gadhvi.
Language: Hindi, Punjabi.
Genre: Action, Drama.
Release Date: 7th march 2020.
Platform: ZEE5.

“A jailbreak that shook the country a few years back, ZEE5’s adaptation of this real event in Sanjay Gadhvi’s Operation Parindey is out, after many delays. Does the thriller live up to its hype? Here’s what we think.”


On a normal morning in Nabha village of Punjab, all the officers of State Jail are idly preparing for the Sunday langar, when two cars enter the premises to supposedly bring in a new prisoner. Only, these are criminals dressed as police officers, come to evict some prisoners, which includes Monty aka Babaji– a criminal mastermind responsible for various terror attacks. The high risk these criminals pose makes it critical to catch them as soon as possible, and for this comes in a Special Task Force (STF) team led by Abhinav Mathur. Will he be able to find them?


Directed by Sanjay Gadhvi, the director who gave us the Dhoom franchise, ZEE5’s Operation Parindey is a mercifully (or regrettably) short film that lasts for 54 minutes. It revolves around a jailbreak orchestrated to work as means and distraction of a much larger event to take place. The thriller drama portrays the 24-hour chase in which the STF team apprehends the orchestrator and the main criminal- Babaji.

Amit Sadh (Abhinav) and Rahul Dev (Babaji), who play the cop and the criminal respectively, are succinct in their roles, and try their best to bring the characters to life as much as the script allows.


Operation Parindey doesn’t offer anything in its brief runtime. The supposed ‘crime/thriller’ is lukewarm in its portrayal of the crisis- the script fails to establish the urgency and gravity of the case. Apart from the opening sequence which introduces the catastrophe with some fire, the entire film unfolds with an uneventful air. The dialogues, minimum as they are, come off hackneyed and force-fed, and the lack of depth to the story and the characters fail to establish the basic strength to the plot to keep you going. The story opens interesting threads in the investigation, but then either leaves it unexplored or closes it on an unsatisfactorily note.

Bottom Line:

Operation Parindey is a futile attempt at an action-thriller. Not worth a watch.


Operation Parindey is based on true events that transpired back in 2016, and marks Sanjay Gadhvi’s digital debut.

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