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Pari & Pinocchio: Short Film Review


Pari & Pinocchio: Short Film Review

Cast: Anurita Jha, Vrinda Duvani, Devarshi Shah, Ashay Mishra, Sujata Sehgal, Smita Tambe.

Director: Jigyasa Taneja Sethi.

Language: English, Hindi.

Genre: Drama.

Channel: Large Short Films (YouTube).

Release Date: 15th April 2019.


Pari is going on about her life, when one day she finds a shop that’s up for selling, a shop that brings back memories from her childhood about a very special guy. As she visits the shop, reminiscing about her days in theatre, about being a conscience of Pinocchio, she stumbles upon some chilling lies, that hide the truth deep within.


  • Pari & Pinocchio reinforces the power of filmmaking. In the thriving digital era, everyone’s coming up with content, and it becomes difficult to pick out content that matter, that makes a difference.
  • The short film’s center plot is about the LGBTQ+ community and society’s attitude towards it. Even if the law doesn’t criminalize homosexual relations anymore, we, as a society, are a still a long way from accepting it, and not sneering or looking down at it. Apart from this, Pari & Pinocchio also talks about depression, parental pressure or expectations, societal beauty standards and its consequences, in this case concentrating on Bulimic behavior.
  • Pari & Pinocchio’s power and beauty lies in its subtlety. The message lies somewhere between all the dialogues and scenes, delivered with just the slightest push for the audience to figure out.
  • Anurita Jha packs a powerful performance in her portrayal of her character Pari. She is the girl who is trying to fit herself in the borders defined by society, in both her personal and professional life, since childhood. A character you can relate to, and Anurita makes sure we do.
  • The supporting roles, be it by Sujata Sehgal, Devarshi Shah or Smita Tambe, are short but extremely important to further the story. Every character matters and nobody just exists to fill the space, like filmmakers seem to do nowadays.
  • Pari & Pinocchio is real in ways that leaves a lasting impact, it’s not a fabricated, fairytale version of truth. Like the real story of Pinocchio (not the Disney version) the Pinocchio aka Gaurav dies in this film, stuck in the web of too many lies. He could only lie so long, without letting the long nose bring him down.
  • The music and background score by Sukanya Ghosh is as subtle and impactful as the story, complimenting and elevating it to a higher level.


  • Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

Pari & Pinocchio is an interwoven piece of art that doesn’t scream or shout; it subtly worms its way into your heart, one scene at a time.


  • Anurita Jha, popularly known for her role in Gangs Of Wasseypur, recently made her digital debut with ZEE5’s Parchhayee, episode 7, titled Topaz, with Sumeet Vyas and Isha Talwar.
  • Jigyasa Taneja Sethi is a BAFTA award winner director; the writer and director of acclaimed short film Dussehra.

Watch The Short Film Here:

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  1. Jigyasa 20th November 2019

    Hey this is especially for the writer of the review. Your depth of understanding of every aspect of this film is commendable. It is a very encouraging and lively review. Thanks so much!

    1. webfare 27th November 2019

      It is a pleasure to review films worth watching. Thank YOU!


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