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Purani Kothi: Short Film Review

Purani kothi short film by Miraj review poster
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Miraj Miracle (YouTube Channel)

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Cast: Hiten Tejwani, Praveena Deshpande, Krishna Mishra.
Director: Iqbaal Rizzvi.
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Thriller, Mystery.
Release Date: 20 January 2020.
Miraj Miracle (YouTube Channel).

“Miraj Miracle’s short film, Purani Kothi, revolves around an old bungalow up put for sale at an exorbitant price by its stubborn owner, and a surprisingly interested buyer. Does it deliver the thrill that it promises? Find out in this review.”

Synopsis: Based on a short story titled ‘The Right Kind of House’ by Henry Slesar, Purani Kothi follows Sandeep Sethi, an engineer, looking to buy a house. He takes a liking to an old bungalow which has put up for sale at an exorbitant price by a stubborn owner, who has been waiting for a unique someone willing to pay the price.


The strangeness surrounding the old bungalow is made quite evident from the start itself. We know that there’s something wrong about the bungalow, and there is an impending twist ahead. The environment, the ambience, and the mood in the story are established well.

Hiten Tejwani as Sandeep Sethi is convincing as a person who is tied to the house’s past in a way, returning as a seemingly innocent buyer. Praveena Deshpande as Gauri Rajvanshi, the stubborn owner of the bungalow, too, plays her part of an old vengeful lady well.


The story becomes easily predictable as it moves forward. While we know from the beginning that there’s a twist ahead, it starts getting quite obvious as the story move ahead. There’s nothing thrilling or jaw-dropping left to it anymore.

While the performances are convincing in the first two-thirds when things seem appear calm on surface, the moment where it gets intense, the impact weakens and the acting starts to seem forced. The choking scene, visibly unreal and excessive, would’ve been better left out, with death only indicated as imminent.

The storyline, adapted from Henry Slesar’s short story, has already been done to death. Purani Kothi fails to add any more substance to the story, even lags in some departments, and suffers from weak execution, which disappoints more than it thrills.

Bottom Line:

Not the very best adaptation of the short story.


Hiten Tejwani has been a part of web series like Eros Now’s Quickie, The Investigation, and ALTBalaji’s Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat. He was also seen in the star-studded Bollywood period drama film, Kalank.

Praveena Deshpande was a part of Amazon Prime Video India’s The Family Man, as well as ALTBalaji’s Bose: Dead/Alive.

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