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Pyaar Kab Karoge?: Short Film Review


Pyaar Kab Karoge

Cast: Dharmendra Gohil, Sneha Desai.
Director: Pprarthi Dholakia and Pratik Kothari.
Language: Hindi, English.
Genre: Comedy, Drama.
Channel: Humara Movie (YouTube).
Release Date: 24th December 2013.


A couple, Pranay and Aarti, on their fifth anniversary, go out to have dinner and celebrate. But rather than sit down intimately and reminisce or converse, they are more immersed in their phones. The evening takes a deep dive when they start talking and the blame game ensues.


  • Technology has brought the world closer, but what about those closest to us? Pyaar Kab Karoge? is an enlightening take on how mobile and the incessant need it creates in us to share everything about our life, has sucked the essence out of life.
  • It’s a perfect tale of marriage, with all its good and ugly parts laid out there at a dinner table, mobile phones acting as third-wheelers.
  • It has nicely managed to convey the issue with a subtle ‘black comedy’ feel to it.
  • The music embedded in the film acts as a nice buffer and an improvising technique, explaining the situation way better than the dialogues.
  • Both the actors draw the roles of disinterested, married couple perfectly.


  • The dubbing stands out slightly; it doesn’t seem to merge with the visuals/cinematography.
  • The ending can seem a little “what even?!”, and not in a pleasant way.

Bottom Line:

For a light take on technology’s effect on relations, Pyaar Kab Karoge? is worth a watch.


  • Pratik Kothari is the co-founder of the media house White Wall Screening, a platform for cinema connoisseurs.
  • Dharmendra Gohil is known for his roles in movies like 102 Not Out, Anuraag, and Gandhi, My Father. He has also seen in various short films such as Continuum, and Moment of Separation.
  • Predominant face in theatre, Sneha Desai has 14 plays and 5 TV series to her credits as a writer.

Watch The Short Film Here:

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