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Ravi Gupta and unki kahaniyan


Are sexual undertones a must to be funny these days? Is there a large audience out there that is interested in only perverse jokes? Perhaps, yes. Any comedy is good comedy as long as it makes the audience laugh, we ‘re told. Which is reasonably acceptable, as long as that is not the ONLY comedy! Ravi Gupta is a fairly new talent on the block and has his target audience very clearly demarcated on above lines. And it surely works for him!

He starts off with his conversation with a paanwala and its funny because you realize almost anything can be made perverse if the tone is intended such. He moves on to point out a very relevant issues of deteriorating news quality standards across print and television. His punches, though quite disconnected from each other are funny in parts. Especially the ones on Gupt Rog and Bandwala. However, we felt after a minute of this it sounded more like reading the odd news out of a funny UP newspaper.

Next, he targets the television news channels with their focus on Baba Raam Rahim’s and Salman Khan’s arrests, adding a dubious Asaaram- Kala Hiran joke which the audience seems to be thrilled with.

Abruptly, he moves on to temples in Benaras and here is where the gig begins to lose its funny charm we thought. The opening of his praying to Sulabh Shauchalaya was hilarious though. But as he went on about the different things written on temple walls and steps, it started to look a little rehearsed.

A gig needs to be connected in its punches and the progression from one topic to another must ideally not be very hurried. Well, to each his own genre of comedy. In today’s world of increasing stress, we advocate any brand of comedy that makes you laugh! Have a watch and decide if this is yours !

You can watch the entire gig here –

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