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Relationship Fights & Lord Krishna by Vivek Muralidharan: Stand-up Review


relationship fights and lord krishna
Comedian: Vivek Muralidharan.
Channel: Vivek Muralidharan (YouTube).
Language: English, Hindi.
Release Date: 28th December 2018.

Catch Phrase:

“There will be lot of people in your life who’ll come and ask you questions, not for answers, but for starting a fight. Like they’ll blow all their insecurities in a balloon, and then they’ll be ‘idhar prick karo na please ek baar.’”


  • Relationships can be tough, and girlfriends even tougher. The unexpected mood swings followed by unreasonable fights, can be irritating at the time, but in retrospect are silly and funny; Vivek covers that in this stand-up.
  • The livening performance Vivek gives keeps you engaged and in on every pun, making it a light yet entertaining comedy.
  • Not that it’s a deterrent, but it’s refreshing to witness a comic piece without the use of any graphic or strong language.


  • It’s an enjoyable piece and there’s nothing offending about it.

The Final Verdict:

If you’ve had relationship problems you can’t even fathom, this stand-up will make a perfect sense.

Watch The Stand-up Here:

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