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Relatively Relatable by Naveen Richard: Stand-up Review

Relatively Relatable by Naveen Richard: Stand-up Review poster
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Amazon Prime Video.

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Comedian: Naveen Richard.
Director: Amazon Prime Video.
Language: English.
Release Date: 20th March 2020.
Platform: Amazon Prime Video.

“If you also didn’t get enough of Naveen Richard in Pushpavalli Season 2, watch Prime Video’s gracious treat in form of a latest Stand-up Special titled Relatively Relatable.”

Catch Phrase:

So suspicious these cockroaches! Every time you find them, they act like they were right in the middle of a drug deal.”


In the never-ending reports of Coronavirus pandemic, and numerous warnings, Naveen Richard’s Special on Prime Video comes as a rescue balloon. Now, don’t go all defensive, yes taking care of your health is important and you should ABSOLUTELY adhere to the warnings, but it’s WFH and you’d go crazy if you didn’t take a break from all of it (while staying home, of course), which is the first and foremost reason why you should watch Relatively Relatable – it’s an almost-hour-long dose of comedy of simpler times.

Relatively Relatable concentrates on two things – empathy and relatability. From late and redundant advices to annoyingly smart and mean kids, Naveen takes you through all the things that are simple – nothing is as simple as opening your fridge door every five minute, is there? – and makes them funny.  Between lessons in empathy and throwback to nostalgia, Naveen keeps a smile affixed on your face and often turns it into a LOL moment.

Midway through the set, Naveen introduces Xavier Pandian. A dorky comic artist, who is so awkward and obvious in his delivery that his demeanour alone makes you laugh before his punch does. Oh, and Xavier is none other than Naveen himself. It’s an interesting technique that breaks the momentum of the set, in a good way, because Naveen pulls it off successfully.

One thing that makes Naveen’s stand-up so entertaining is, he performs his piece with elaborate expressions, gestures and with such gusto that he should be called a ‘performing stand-up artist’ instead of a ‘stand-up artist’. The ending sequence where he talks about his experience in Mumbai and speaking Hindi, delivered in like one breath, cracks you up uncontrollably largely because of the way he performs it rather than just deliver it.

Also, plus point for turning the set into a song towards the end. Bravo!


Not a thing.

The Final Verdict:

Among this never-before-seen-time of Corona pandemic (I mean, when were the Mumbai Locals shut down last time?!), some good ole relatable humour is just what you need. A must watch.

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