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Sardarji’s take on comedy – Jaspreet Singh


Watch Jaspreet Singh in this gig for the good-old Sardar charm and the love of Horror movies! He is a fresh new talent with a very infectious enthusiasm. Jaspreet takes on the Indian horror movies with a hilarious Punjabi accent and his observations are very funny, by the way! What’s with the couples going to faraway deserted places to invite Bhoots, when there are OYO rooms available on hourly basis he muses.

Jaspreet dedicates this whole gig to horror movies where the whole of 5+ minutes are about this same subject and his takes on it are quite LOL-worthy! He insists these movies are case studies on how to get killed in 7 days or less and you are still laughing your guts out about his previous joke. His declaration of the Bhoot being classist gets you in splits. He goes on to compare a regular Bollywood movie that is watched in anticipation of action till the end of it vis a vis a horror movie wherein you know the stuff has happened because 2nd half is reserved for dying! By this point we were quite impressed with him.

His depiction of the watchman being alone and the things he does for killing time is a side-splitting fest! Most hilarious was the blind-fold game! He goes on to describe the Bhoot’s reference document to decide who will be killed in what order and you realize that’s true for most B-grade Indian Bhoot movies we have all watched growing up.

Jaspreet comes across as a very confident guy who is very clearly enjoying his own jokes, as a result making it look effortless and keeping the audience engaged. Looking forward to watching more of Jaspreet Singh!

You can watch the entire gig here –


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