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Sex, Drugs & Theatre: Web Series Review


Sex, Drugs & Theatre: Web Series Review

Cast: Suyash Zunjurke, Mitali Mayekar, Shalva Kinjawdekar, Adish Vaidya, Nayannah mukey, Abhishek Deshmukh, Mayuri Tilekar, Satyappa More, Dnyanratna Ahiwale, Sujay Dahake, Pravin Tarde, Sunil Barve, Jayesh Sanghvi, Ketan Visal.

Director: Sujay Dahake.

Language: Marathi.

Genre: Drama.

Channel: ZEE5.

Release Date: 5th March 2019.


Rohit Kolekar. A bright student who wants to make a change in the system with his writings and thoughts, but instead becomes a prey of the system and commits suicide. 6 months later, while his friends are still trying to recuperate from the loss, and the college management is trying to cover the issue, they are persuaded to perform a play in the prestigious theatre competition. What happens when the truths come spilling out from behind the stage, and the play becomes a portrayal of reality, than fiction?


  • Sex, Drugs & Theatre is an extremely thrilling, electrifying ride through politics and how it infiltrates the college life of a few innocent students, who inevitably become the victims of the system. It explores the age-old battle between caste, religion and humanity, and politics’ vital role in all of it.
  • A round of applause for the scriptwriters; the story/plotline of the series is outstanding. The thrilling drama grips you in from the opening sequence till the end, where the curtain drops.
  • Theatre has been the oldest form of entertainment, a base for many of actors and filmmakers, an art raw and pure in its form. Sex, Drugs & Theatre sheds light on the art form, its practices, from a regional point of view. Marathi theatre, particularly, was considered as the ‘Golden Age of Theatre’, and it’s good to see it on a new age platform of web entertainment.
  • It’s refreshing to see the regional content breaking the stereotypes and crossing the set boundaries- this web series is as bold, in-the-face, as it is beautiful and aesthetic. Sex, Drugs & Theatre uses all three aspects mentioned in the title appropriately, without any exaggeration.
  • There’s no main or lead character in this series, everybody, from the peon to the students performing as characters in the play, are equally prominent and have an essential role to play- and they have played it perfectly.
  • A V Prafullachandra deserves a special mention for the brilliant use of background music, from the title track- a blend of hypnotic modern beats and traditional theatre music- to the background score used for the sequences, it all adds up to the essence of the series.
  • The transition between the past and present scenes or from one scene to the next is done in a symbolic and seamless manner that takes your notice, in a good way.


  • Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

Sex, Drugs & Theatre is a masterpiece that weaves love, friendship and politics of a college life together, aesthetically. A definite must watch.


  • Sujay Dahake, a National Award-winning Director, the creator of Sex, Drugs & Theatre makes cameo appearances a few times in the series as Rohit Kolekar.
  • Sex, Drugs & Theatre was premiered on ZEE5 on the occasion of Marathi Rangbhoomi Divas (Marathi Theatre Day), that is, on 5th

Watch The Trailer Here:

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  1. Swappy 10th June 2019

    Script was ok…. Acting was Horrible….. Or may be Direction was not good….. Please improve just don’t use actress for sex……


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