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Shahadah: Short Film Review


Shahadah Short Film Review
Cast: Kabir Avran, Aisha Anoop, Ramya Nikhil, Rashee Kechri, Anoop Majeed, Amjad, Manoj.
Director: Yaasin.
Language: Hindi, Urdu.
Genre: Drama.
Channel: Filmeraa Short Films.
Release Date: 29 January 2019.

Synopsis: Shahadah revolves around a so-called ‘Jihadi’ who has kidnapped a young girl, Fatima, and is preparing her for a suicide bomb attack on a minister. However, he decides to not go ahead with the plan due to a realization that he comes to.              


  • The short film gives a different take on the much-debated topic of ’Jihad’, and tries to explore two diverse interpretations of it – the one used by extremists and terrorists for their political or personal gain, and the other which means ‘struggle’, but not necessarily in a militaristic sense, rather for justice and betterment of others, as well as against one’s own evil inclinations (known in Islam as the greater Jihad).
  • It also explores how the terrorists manipulate people’s minds and coerce them into extremist activities, using faith and revenge as excuses to attack innocents.
  • The short film also raises the topic of the suffering that Rohingyas had to go through in their country, and the troubles they have to face in their host country.
  • The background score effectively sets the mood of the film, adding tension to the overall storyline.


  • The acting could’ve definitely been better. It was underwhelming, lacked emotions and depth, and did not add the much-essential tension to the storyline.
  • Although the Rohingya element was used for awareness, it was misplaced and unrequired. It did not fit in well with the rest of the storyline and interrupted the flow of the central plot. Even if it did tie-in later, it was not necessary for the mother and the child to be specifically Rohingya refugees, and it could’ve been just regular people in distress.
  • It began abruptly and ended abruptly. A lot of questions can be raised about the writing, as a lot was left for thought, and not made clear.
  • The short film tries to convey the real meaning of Jihad but ultimately falls a little short of it. The dialogues at the end seemed to have been written more like the character’s personal wish rather than showing that the struggle for good of oneself and of others is actually the real Jihad.

Bottom Line:

The premise seems good, but the execution could have been done in a much better way.


  • The director Yaasin has also worked on the Malayalam short film, Gauge, which also starred the actor Kabir Avran who plays the lead in Shahadah.

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