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Sheher Ya Tum: Short Film Review


Sheher Ya Tum: Short Film Review

Cast: Yahya Bootwala and Jidnya Sujata.

Director: Karan Asnani.

Language: Hindi.

Genre: Romantic Drama.

Channel: Myoho Films (YouTube).

Release Date: 7th March 2019.


The usual love story, guy meets girl, fall in love, and then comes a twist where they have to take a hard decision. In this case, our guy, who is a poet, has to choose between this city and the his love. What will he choose? Is the choice as simple as it seems?


  • Sheher Ya Tum is a whole new genre of storytelling- the story is playing out in front of you with a poetic voiceover. No dialogues, everything is portrayed in the form of poetry. A musical short film, with less music and more rhythmic words.
  • Yahya Bootwala serenades the viewers with his sweet voice and equally sweet yet profound words. He is that poet who will make you fall in love with his words, and most importantly want to fall in love. Period.
  • The film is a pure poetic and aesthetic brilliance. Switching between two frames- one with the 1:1 ratio (square frame) and the other with the common 16:9 ratio (rectangular frame). The square framed sequences work as a film reel of flashbacks of the poet’s life, an amalgamation of all his happy and sad moments, in love, that leads to the answer- the city or you.
  • Apart from Yahya and Jidnya, the film has a third prominent character- Mumbai, the city. From its lifeline local train to its serene marine views, the city plays a vital role in the story.
  • The background score and music does a perfect job at matching the ambience of the film with its appropriateness, from the insignificant yet effective camera clicking or rolling reel’s voices to the muted fighting noises, it all adds to the wholesomeness of the film.


  • Not a thing.

Bottom Line:

Sheher Ya Tum is an extremely beautiful poem, brought to life on the screen. A must watch.


  • Sheher Ya Tum has many accolades to its credit; it was the winner of the Golden Gateway for Dimensions Mumbai at the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, 2018.
  • Karan Asnani, the director of this short film, is the founder of Myoho Films, and has directed various other short films, and Stand Up Specials for Amazon Prime Video India.
  • Jidnya Sujata, the girl who plays the poet’s muse in the film, is also a fellow poet, who has previously performed a piece with Yahya on Tape A Tale’s storytelling show, Kahaaniya.

Watch The Short Film Here:

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