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Aai Shapath : Short Film Review


Cast: Abhishek Bachankar, Rujuta Deshmukh, Madhura Welankar Satam, Aaryan Dalvi
Director: Gautam Vaze
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi/Marathi
Channel: Large Short Films
Release Date: 30 October 2017

Synopsis: Film is categorized as a winner of Jio Mami film Festival. The story wrap-ups the threads of innocence of a child called Soham who has distinct faith in mythological rituals and daily belief. The boy ends up in a scary notion when his cousin takes false swear on his mother. Soham continuously feels that his Mami is going to die soon and that he becomes extra affectionate and conscious toward his aunt.


  • The extol moments are the simplicity and innocence of the child are brushed up colorfully everywhere in the picture.
  • Not a single moment the child loses his concern towards his aunt and that easily connects the audience. The message coming out of the movie is water clear.
  • This is how the child’s world is and this is how they enter into the adult’s world by capturing their reflections.


  • Movies with a message that wins jury’s heart in any competitions, but to stand alone amongst the creative dude movies the filmmaker has to walk a few miles away from where the creative freshness is concerned.
  • Despite of picturing it very well the predictability of the story is missing that fresh air on the subject, which puts it into an above average – below excellence category.


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